WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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NICMAXX e-Vapor Products
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"I have been a part of the NICMAXX team for over 4 years. My previous experience in sales was with office equipment. I didn't feel that was right for me and I was always searching for something. I needed to work with a product more exciting that created more conversation and had a purpose. I have watched e-Vapor technology evolve into a reliable alternative that people are using every day. My sales continue to grow as more consumers are being referred to NICMAXX by friends and family. At this point in the market the consumer is looking for the best taste and performance with an e-Vapor product. We have worked hard to provide that for our customers and I am blessed to have this opportunity to sell and change lives at the same time! This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to see this market develop and change the world one new customer at a time!"

"I have worked for 13 years in sale and in that time I've always attributed my success in sales to the quality of products I sold. If I didn't believe in it, I couldn't sell it. After 13 years and with many changes in retail sales I was BURNT and needed something new and exciting! I knew I had to find a quality product that I could believe in! I was introduced to NICMAXX and the e-Vapor industry in 2009. At that time the technology was still in its infancy and NICMAXX was on the cutting edge, producing an e-Vapor product that actually delivered the sensation of smoking a real full flavored cigarette. At the time I was smoking/inhaling 2 to 3 Black & Mild cigars a day. After 3 days of using NICMAXX I was no longer smoking, (and didn't miss it.) I had found the product I was going to sell. With no experience in the tobacco and or wholesale business, I built a route from scratch. I've retained over 90% of the accounts I've established and my sales have increased every month since I started. I love this product, I love this business and I'm making more money than I did in auto sales."
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