WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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E Liquid With Nicotine

: Premium Liquids With That Strong Nicotine Kick
Finest Tasting

Nicotine for E-Liquid

Whether you're a newbie or has been into vaping for a while now, you must have already heard of the term "throat hit." Throat hit refers to that feeling that you get upon inhaling nicotine. This is also what most people find lacking when using vapes instead of a traditional cigarette. The right amount of throat hit, however, depends largely on the strength of the nicotine for e-liquid.!

For optimal enjoyment and satisfaction, here are suggested amount of nicotine that will satisfy an e-smoker's need:

  • NO NICOTINE-3mg: if you just want the feel of smoking an ordinary cigarette. Extremely light smoker.
  • 6mg: Ultra-light level, best if you are used to smoking ultra-light cigarettes like Capris
  • 24mg: Nicotine strength suites smokers who like “natural” cigarette brands or rolled tobacco. Best if you smoke more than a pack a day.
  • 36mg OR HIGHER: For the heavy smoker used to two or more packs a day

If you are looking for e-liquids with Nicotine strengths like those mentioned above, check out Nicmaxx e-liquids! NICMAXX kits are easy to customize, offering e-liquids in different flavors like MAXX (Classic Tobacco) and MAXX Menthol. Simply choose the nicotine strength that would well satisfy your cravings and we will ship if to you for Free on orders over $75!

Classic Flavored

Liquid Nicotine for E-Cigs

Aside from choosing your preferred strength of liquid nicotine, the flavor that you pick can also make all the difference in achieving full enjoyment when smoking e-cigs.

If you have just quit traditional smoking, you will likely find it hard to look for an authentic tobacco taste in e-cigs as most brands fail miserably in replicating it. Our patrons, however, claim that our MAXX Classic Tobacco flavor tastes almost exactly like the real thing! We also have the same reviews for our MAXX Menthol flavor with users saying it is very refreshing and even has a stronger cool throat hit than their old cigarettes!

NICMAXX have always aimed to assist people who have long been trying to quit but just couldn't find the perfect alternative to help them forget tobacco altogether. With these flavors, you wouldn't even have to forget tobacco. You just have to pick our e-cigs, and with the right flavor, you sure won't be missing your old cigars too much. What's more is, you will not have to suffer all the negative consequences of traditional smoking habits anymore such as respiratory health risks and even oral health.

An important caveat though: Our e-cigs can't cure sickness brought about by your old smoking habits. Your overall health still needs to be addressed by a licensed physician. As for Oral Health, you can have it checked by our favorite Doctor: Dr. Ryoo of Ryoo Dental. Dr. Ryoo will surely give you excellent dental care!


E-Liquid Flavors with Nicotine


Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming a more desirable alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. It didn't even come as a surprise since, with e-cigs, you can choose from a lot of flavors and can easily adjust your nicotine level. You also get a device that not only lets you be free from the bad odor but also provides a much safer smoking option.

Fix that strong craving for the satisfying feel of a tobacco cigarette with NICMAXX e-liquid flavors with nicotine! 9/10 smokers prefer NICMAXX after tasting their flavors! So why not place an order now? Try them out for yourself!

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