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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Classic Mild Starter Kit Nicmaxx

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Classic Mild Starter Kit

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NICMAXX "Classic Mild" Rechargeable Electronic Cigarette Unit

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Electronic Cigarette Mild

: Satisfy Your Craving without the Guilt

Electronic cigarettes are a great alternative for smokers who are trying to quit or those who want more than just the traditional tobacco flavor. Try NICMAXX’s Classic Mild Starter Kit for a relaxing e-cigarette experience.

Why Replace Your Cigarettes with an

E-cigarette Mild


An electronic cigarette is an item that uses a battery-powered vaporizer to imitate the sensation of smoking. Smokers have been switching to e-cigarettes for two main reasons: The first, to get rid of the tobacco. The chemicals from the tobacco have been proven harmful to the body.

World Health Organization (WHO) named tobacco as the number one cause of preventable cancer. You can still enjoy the nicotine without the harmful additives with the help of an e-cigarette. The second is the fact that e-cigarettes are helpful quitting aid. Trying to quit smoking can be unpleasant. Addiction to nicotine is a physical and psychological habit. People who are trying to quit often have difficult time because the act of putting the cigarette in the mouth is a habit itself. An e-cigarette can also help you decrease your chemical and nicotine intake while still satisfying the oral fixation.

For a light and enjoyable smoke, choose NICMAXX’s Classic Mild Starter Kit. A full flavor option that looks and feels like a real cigarette.

Mild Flavor E Cig

to Soothe Your Cravings

Had a stressful week at work? You deserve something mild and truly relaxing, something that’s not overly strong but still gives you the nicotine kick. NICMAXX’s Classic Mild Starter Kit can help you experience the sensation of smoking, without much of the added chemicals. The kit includes:

  • Battery
  • Two cartridges
  • USB charger

Unlike traditional cigarettes, NICMAXX has a lot of advantage:

  • Elimination of the smoke smell – Don’t you just hate it when the smell of tobacco remains in your clothes? You can choose from NICMAXX’s wide collection of starter kits from the Classic Mild to Menthol to your choice of flavor without worrying about any lingering odor.
  • No tobacco intake – Enjoy smoking without the rush of tobacco smoke in your lungs
  • Help the environment – Cigarette smoke is pollutant that harms the environment. The rechargeable starter kits from NICMAXX are environmentally friendly and help cut down on air pollution
  • No need for an ashtray – No more annoying cigarette ashes are flying around your home.
  • Accessibility – You can vape anytime, anywhere, inside your home, malls, and other establishments without bothering anybody else. Satisfy your cravings wherever and whenever!
  • Does not harm other people – We all know that secondhand smoke is far more dangerous than firsthand.
  • Better appearance – Cigarette smoking yellows the teeth, darkens and thins the lips, and causes bad breath. Avoid the damage to your appearance by switching to e-cigs.

Vape Mild Flavor


Nine out of 10 smokers prefer NICMAXX’s flavors. Switch to our collection of quality e-cigarettes that you will definitely enjoy. You may choose from different flavors:

  • MAXX Menthol Starter Kit
  • Classic Mild Menthol Starter Kit
  • Accessibility – You can vape anytime, anywhere, inside your home, malls, and other establishments without bothering anybody else. Satisfy your cravings wherever and whenever!
  • Smooth Starter Kit
  • NICMAXX "The Maxx" Starter Kit

If you prefer a more familiar flavor, then choose our Classic Mild flavor. Its mild taste will definitely liven up your taste buds. Trust NICMAXX to give you the e-cigarette experience closest to an actual tobacco cigarette.

See why 9/10 smokers who tried NICMAXX prefer our flavors. Buy our Classic Mild Starter Kit today and make the switch.


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