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E Cigarette Juice

- Premium Liquids Crafted by Smokers for Smokers

The juice or liquid used in electronic cigarettes spells the difference between one brand and another. For the best-tasting vape juice that lets you have the closest experience to smoking, try NICMAXX e-liquids.

Ultimate Vaping Pleasure with Our

E Juice Nicotine

in Classic Flavors

E-cigarettes simulate the experience of smoking by heating e-liquid or vape juice. This solution is composed of various ingredients, all of which are safe for human use. It contains liquid nicotine and flavor, supplying users with their nicotine fix mixed with tobacco, menthol, and other exciting flavors.

Getting the right juice for your e-cig is essential to enjoying vapes. There are so many kinds of e-liquids out in the market, some companies offering out-of-the-world flavors inspired by desserts, fruits, alcoholic beverages and full-course meals.

Experienced vapers, however, say that the best e-liquid does not have to be experimental to give you an exciting experience. The secret to a quality vape experience is the right combination of flavor and the appropriate nicotine strength to stimulate your brain.

When it comes to smoking and flavor, tobacco and menthol remain the top choices. These classic flavors allow e-cig users to feel as if they are smoking a real cigarette, even while using a battery-operated vaporizer.

NICMAXX offers e-liquids in MAXX and MAXX Menthol, using full tobacco and menthol flavors to mimic the taste of an actual tobacco cigarette. With NICMAXX e-cigs, smokers can opt for a safer way to enjoy nicotine. E-cigarettes have less harmful chemicals than real cigarettes, believed to contain more than 4,000 chemicals, most of which can harm the body.


Best E-Liquid Flavors

Come in Classic Tastes Even Tobacco Smokers Love

E-liquids can be considered the most important part of the e-cigarettes. This juice contains nicotine and other ingredients that enable these electronic devices to release vapor and supply users with their chemical fix.

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) - makes up the base of the e-liquid. VG is a common ingredient in many food and personal care products, like toothpaste.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) - this viscous colorless liquid forms the base of e-juice along with VG. PG lets users enjoy a strong throat hit.
  • Nicotine - this compound is an active stimulant. The concentration of nicotine in e-liquid varies, depending on the desired strength of the product.
  • Flavoring - adds a unique taste to your vape. Food grade flavor is often used in e-liquids to ensure it is safe for human use.
  • Distilled water - may be used to dilute the liquid solution.

For the optimal vaping experience, vaping experts recommend that you check the quality of your vape juice. Other points to consider are:

  • The PG/VG ratio. High PG gives crisper flavors while more VG releases more vapor.
  • Nicotine strength. For strong nicotine cravings, try 24 mg. Light smokers usually use between 3-6 mg.
  • Place of manufacture. Choose American-made e-liquids because they have higher quality standards.
  • Brand reputation. Buy e-liquids only from trusted brands that use high-grade nicotine approved by the United States Pharmacopeia.
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Best Vapor Juice

& Vaping Supplies from Nicmaxx

NICMAXX is one of the most trusted e-cig stores online, offering products made by smokers for smokers. We develop our e-cigs and other accessories through extensive research, client feedback, and our own experience. We offer all that you need for vaping, from starter kits to disposables, refillables, and e-liquids.

Go for strong and bold flavors with NICMAXX e-liquids! Find out why 9 out of 10 smokers prefer NICMAXX over other e-cig brands. Get free shipping on orders over $75! Check out our online store today!