What are Vaping Mods: Its Evolution and Types


Vapers who start with vape pens eventually look for something more enjoyable and customizable. While some vape pens offer some degree of customization, some are unable to produce over 10 to 12 watts, says a publication by QuitDay.org. This leaves the vaper a bit starved for power, it added.

Mods are the mechanical vaping devices for your ultimate power and customization needs. There is now a plethora of mods on the market and the challenge is on the selection of which one is the best for users. Don’t be fooled by the mod’s looks alone. Always look at the product features.

The Evolution of the Vape Mod

The earlier designs of vape mods were underpowered because they had a subpar battery life and vape volume. The old design evolved to what is known as the Mechanical Mod or the Advance Personal Vaporizer (APVs) that is already equipped with additional battery power and more functions. When you press the fire button of a mechanical mod, it forces a direct connection between the battery and atomizer of your personal vaporizer.

But before you finally make your own purchase, take a closer look at each and every kind. Keep in mind that there is now a limitless world of mods out there.

Types of Vape Mods

  1. Mechanical Mod
    This kind of a mod lacks a circuitry that keeps the voltage steady during the entire lifespan of its battery. According to MyFreedomSmokes.com, mechanical mods are simple vaping devices that use a button or switch to complete an electrical circuit and deliver power from a battery to an attached atomizer. These are simple metal cylinders with a contact button on bottom, a battery inside the cylinder, and a top cap that holds an atomizer in place.With mechanical mods, the electrical path from the battery to the atomizer is uninterrupted by electronics. This makes battery’s full output to be delivered to the atomizer the moment the button is pressed. For this reason, mechanical mods should NEVER be used by inexperienced vapers.
  2. Temperature Control Mod
    The more experienced vapers know that overheating is a constant challenge when using e-cigarettes. When the vape gets too hot, this can burn the wick and result to awful vapor flavors. The use of a temperature control technology is a means of limiting temperature on the coil so this will not easily burn. The device does not come with heat sensors of thermostats but is designed in such a way that it will be able to monitor coil resistance to heat.The device will automatically adjust, reduce, restrict or even cut off power immediately after it detects change in the coils resistance, to prevent damage. Temperature control works well on coils made from nickel and titanium.
  3. Premium Box Mods
    Box mods are powerful personal vaping devices. This has four components: a battery bay, a digital DC-DC converter (chip), control buttons, and an atomizer connector. Most box mods use one or two removable batteries for power, and these batteries are often 18650 in size.The box mod’s chip regulates the power applied from the battery to the atomizer. Using the control buttons, users can modify how the chip performs. The atomizer connector allows users to connect different types of atomizers to the device. Most box mods are equipped with electrical safety features such as short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection.

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