Vaping 101: The Vapers’ Vocabulary


Vaping is an emerging subculture with plenty of room for change. Its origins date to the 1960s, but the devices have continued to evolve—and the people have continued using it—to this day.

The first design for a vaping device was patented in 1963. Since then, the vape has changed in shape, size, and flavors. Modern inventors and vape enthusiasts continuously improve on the design of the vape and look for new ways for vapers to enjoy this smoking alternative. They have created mechanical e-cigs, modern e-cigs, and some have even ventured to make their own DIY drips and flavors.

NICMAXX is here to help you with your transition from cigarette to vape. Broaden your vaping vocabulary with this list of words and acronyms we have compiled to help you understand what vapers are talking about.


Cartridge – also called cart or tank. This contains the e-liquid or juice.

Atomizer – also called Atty. This part heats up the e-liquid to create vapor. It has a coil that heats up and a wick to control the amount of juice being heated.

Cartomizer – is a combination of an atomizer and a non-refillable tank.

Clearomizer – a transparent cartomizer.

VG – vegetable glycerin, a material used to make the base of the e-liquid. It gives more body to the vapor, making it denser and thicker.

PG – propylene glycol, a suspension fluid also used in asthma inhalers and beauty products. This liquid gives a throat hit and carries flavors more distinctly than VG.

Blend – the ratio of the amount of VG, PG, and flavor in the e-juice.

E-liquid – also called e-juice, the liquid heated to produce vapor.

Dripping – the process of applying e-juice into the wick.

Flooding – happens when too much juice is dripped to the coil. This results in poor heating and reduced vapor production.

Flavoring – additives to e-juice that give it a unique taste. These produce a variety of olfactory and sensual responses from vapers.

Battery – powers up the vaping device. These can be internal or twin or tandem.

Amps – or amperes. A standard unit of measurement for electric current.

mAH – milliamperes per hour

Pass-through – refers to batteries that can be plugged into a USB charger or a wall adapter.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers – can be electrical or mechanical and has a larger battery capacity.

Cigalike – a vaping device that resembles an actual tobacco cigarette.

Mod – short term for Modified Electronic Cigarettes. This term refers to improved vaping devices that do not look like vape-pens.

Cloud Chase – sometimes called extreme vaping. It is the process of creating large clouds of vapor using a vaping device. Experts produce the big puffs of vapor clouds by customizing the coils in their vapes and experimenting with different kinds of wires.

Vaper – someone who uses and enjoys vapes.

Quit tobacco smoking today and switch to vapes. If you need help in getting acquainted with the vaping world, stay tuned to our blog to learn more about vapes and its wonderful flavors.

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