Why is My Vape Tank Leaking

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Is your vape tank leaking? It must be because you have liquid in your center post or cylinder. The general construction of a clearomizer includes a funnel tip, liquid sheath, coil, wicks, cylinder, and base. The cylinder is attached to the base, and it should always be empty because this is where the air flows. To get a good vape, you need to have enough air flowing through the cylinder. On top of it is where you will find the heating coil with wicks strung through it. Over the coil, there is a liquid sheath that prevents the liquid from getting into the cylinder.

When there is liquid trapped inside the cylinder, and it mixes with air, you’ll hear a ‘gurgling’ sound. This sound also occurs if you have excess liquid in the coil area. To avoid these clearomizer mishaps, avoid tipping it upside down. If there is too much liquid in the coil area, chances are it will drip inside the cylinder. When this happens, your e-juice will leak out of your vaping tool.

In very rare cases, the leaking may be caused by a bad battery connection. There are already too many manufacturers of vaping tools, and each has a different design for their products. Experienced vapers say that the kind of e-juice that you use may also be a culprit. The liquid and voltage combination may produce too much heat and lead to leaking.

What Should You Do When This Happens?

  • Get the liquid out. If you’re vaping tool can be dismantled, just open it up and flush out the liquid from the center post. Let it dry completely before putting the parts together. But if your vaping tool is a different type, you will have to blow out the liquid with a reverse vape. To do this, just blow into the drip tip and let your vape sit on a paper towel. Do this a few times until nothing comes out and you are convinced that the cylinder is empty.
  • Check if the o-rings and coil are properly sealed. If these are a little crooked, it may cause the leak. Just remove the coil and twist it on tightly.
  • Make sure that there is no gap between the base edge and the clearomizer. Keep in mind though that when this happens, it isn’t always your fault. It may be because you just bought a poor kind of vaping tool.
  • If it has something to do with the battery, just check and tightly screw your clearomizer to the battery.

The most effective way to avoid dealing with this problem is to get to know your equipment better. If you have just started smoking e-cigarettes, you can ask experienced vapers for tips and maybe even contact your e-cig manufacturer or retailer for proper care advice.

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