Vape in Luxury: The Breathe Vape Lounge Experience


A vaping lounge is a place where vapers can be themselves and enjoy the pleasures of vaping. It’s where vapers can get all the latest accessories and flavors. It’s a meeting place for vapers and advocates, a haven safe from the disapproving stares of anti-vapers.

Vaping lounges have cropped up all over the United States. Each has different characteristics and rules, depending on the owner and the vaping community that frequents the area.

One such lounge is the Breathe Vape Lounge in Wyandotte, Michigan. On its website, the lounge is advertised as offering a “healthier and more economical alternative to smoking” in a unique environment. The Breathe Vape Lounge is not just for vapers; it is also open to smokers and hookah users but is strictly a tobacco-free shop.

Nicmaxx interviewed Karam Nasser, owner of Breathe Vape Lounge. Here’s a peek at what happens inside one of Michigan’s coolest vaping spots.

About Breathe Vape Lounge

Karam built the Breathe Vape Lounge to provide a satisfying experience for all types of people, from “non-Vapers to expert Vapers.” He added:

“Even if you don’t want to vape, we have something for you. We wanted to create a luxurious, comfortable place with the highest-standard liquid procurement process in the United States.”

Karam says that most of their patrons fall under “adult beginners or young adult vaping advocates.” Their regulars enjoy the Breathe Vape Lounge’s atmosphere and decor, which was designed to give customers a luxurious and relaxing experience. He added:

“People walk in and are immediately surprised at what they see—especially since the actual vape bar is discreetly around the corner. They love the ambiance and they initially think it’s just a lounge. But I greet everyone personally, so they get the whole story of what we have to offer here at Breathe.”

Rules at the Lounge

Breathe Vape Lounge is meticulous about e-cig juices, and Karam sees to it that every flavor they have is top of the line.

“We require independent lab reports for all the liquids we offer—proving they’re made without carcinogens.”

Karam shared the three rules of his lounge:

  1. Treat others the way you wish to be treated
  2. Sampling liquid is mandatory
  3. Think of our house as your house

Quality and safety are important for Karam; he calls on other supporters to:

“Become an advocate and raise the standard of the liquid you provide. Understand all the potential harms and benefits of your ingredients.”

On the Growth of Vaping

A 2015 article by Norm Bour in the Vape News Magazine website estimated that there were approximately 6,000 to 7,000 shops selling exclusively vape-related products in the United States. The article further estimated that if other retail stores were counted, the number could be as high as 35,000.

As the number of vape shops increases, so does the number of vaping bars and lounges. Karam thinks the sprouting of vape bars and clubs in different places across the US is “driven by the combination of technology found in the vape industry and the concept of being part of a group.”

However, Karam thinks that laws and policies on vaping can change the game in a big way.

“I think regulation will play a big role in how the industry evolves. If big tobacco or pharma get into the vape industry, you’ll see it more commercialized and uniform. If it remains an individual-based business model, the industry will continue to generate new clientele and continue the trend of helping people quit smoking.”

The Breathe Vape Lounge will host an art fair on July 13 to 15. If you’re a vaper in Michigan, check out the Breathe Vape Lounge to experience vaping in a relaxed and luxurious environment!

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