Tips and Tricks in Cleaning Ecig Coils

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If you are new to vaping and smoking electronic cigarettes, you might still get a little confused as to the terms coil head, atomizer, wick or burner. It is quite normal to think that they are different as different manufacturers call them varyingly. The truth, however, is that all of these words refer only to the same thing. They all meant to pertain to the heating element that is inside an e-cigarette device. It is that one small part which gets hot and when hot enough, soaks up the e-liquid then converts said liquid to vapor. This vapor is then puffed out by the user giving him the same feel and experience of a traditional cigarette smoke. It matters a lot to recognize the function of this electronic cigarette component to show how essential it is to make sure that this part is always properly maintained and cleaned. For almost half of your entire vaping experience actually, depends on the e-cig coil.How Often Should You Clean E-Cig Coils?

A lot of people are into vaping now. But in spite of heavy use, most users never think of cleaning the coils in their e-cigarettes. Because of this, some people start to think vaping is no longer working for them when something starts tasting off or the flavors have already gotten muted. What they didn’t know is that maybe the coil just needs some cleaning or replacement. Cleaning must be done at least once a week. You can go twice if you are a heavy user or if you change flavor often.

Actual Process

To start cleaning the coil, disassemble your e-cig carefully and set aside all parts. Upon finding the e-cig coil, start shaking and blowing out any e juice that has accumulated inside. It may also start to show gunk inside so when you find one that is too sticky or has hardened up; you can use hot water to soften it and get rid of the gunk. Some people also use vodka as an alternative, but water is also fine. As long as you can thoroughly rinse the coil, any cleaning liquid that isn’t too harsh on metals should be fine. If after all you’ve done, you still find some gunk lingering in the coil, you may leave it soaked in vodka or hot water for 15 minutes.

You can also level up your cleaning process by “Dry-burning” which is currently popular among long-term vapers and e-cig users. Generally, it works by applying a large amount of pressure to the coil by heating it up to a very high temperature. This is done by hooking it up to your battery and pressing the on-button down until the coil heats up. By doing this repetitively, you can clean all of the gunk off your coil more effectively for it helps burn off residuals that are often present on e-cig coils. This can also be done to disposable e-cig coils but if it still doesn’t work then you might already be too late in saving it and it’s probably time to replace it.

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