Straight from the Vaper’s Mouth: An Interview with Ron of

Vaping is a topic full of gray areas. Knowledge of this hobby is being cultivated by many small communities that do their best to spread the right information and counter the myths that some people make about vaping.

Unfortunately, many people who don’t vape listen to non-vapers and take their word for it. If you want to know the real score about vaping, listen to the authority. Ask someone who vapes like Ron of

Mr. Long Drag is a straightforward blog curated by Ron, a smoker turned vaper who started vaping with a $37 starter kit. His blog reviews vape products—from e-juices to customizing kits and other accessories. He also offers tips and advice for new vapers, sharing what he’s learned in the years that he’s been vaping, and news about vaping.

Ron granted NICMAXX an interview; here’s what he’s shared on quitting smoking, cloud chasing, and getting the most out of vaping.

Vaping Helped Ron Quit Smoking

Smoking was a mental addiction for Ron. He says:

“I never had any shakes or mood swings if I couldn’t smoke. I wanted to quit, but nicotine patches or gum were not an option for me. I just didn’t see the point in all that.”

Knowing the health risks of smoking cigarettes, he decided to stop and sought a new hobby to replace it: vaping. The best thing about vaping was that it gave Ron the “illusion” he was still smoking.

“I bought my last pack of cigarettes in June of 2013. I started gradually smoking less while substituting my cravings for cigarettes with vaping. I loved that I could vape in my car, my room, and other places where I couldn’t usually smoke before. My body started getting more used to the vaping rather than the smoking and within a couple of months of when I started vaping, I quit smoking.”

More Dangerous than Smoking?

Of all the myths surrounding vapes, Ron thinks this is the worst.

“I laugh whenever people tell me that. I remember when vaping first came out, most people were saying, ‘Yeah, those e-cigarettes are better than the real thing.’ Now they’ve been persuaded to change their minds. If vaping is as dangerous as they say, are they saying people should stick to smoking cigarettes? I’ve never heard of anyone dying from vaping, yet thousands of people around the world die every year from smoking-related diseases. It’s just crazy.”

Vaping Regulation

On his blog, Ron professes to be a Libertarian and prefers to keep vaping free from government control. He told NICMAXX:

“Vaping for me right now is perfect. In fact, I think that no regulation is needed when it comes to vaping.”

The pro-regulation camp believes that laws are need to “somehow ‘police’ the vaping community and prevent vape manufacturers from putting out shoddy or faulty products.” Ron disagrees, saying:

“With the current situation in the vaping community, (with no government intervention), when a manufacturer puts out a bad product, the bad reviews spread like wildfire and everyone stays away from it. The manufacturer either has to make improvements to the product or go out of business. That’s why manufacturers are very careful with the products they put out: vapers are unforgiving and don’t pull their punches when it comes to criticism. Our community polices itself.”

He thinks that taxes and regulation are only for “[milking out] vaping without [having] the vapers’ best interests in mind.”

Vaping Culture

Vaping culture in the US is “very internet-oriented” and driven by small, passionate, independent business owners. Ron credits them for connecting vapers and coming up with new products and flavors which he enjoys the most about this hobby.

Ron, however, thinks some vapers need more discipline when in public. He calls out people he thinks are “posers,” or those who only vape for cloud chasing.

“For these vapers all that matters to them is ‘getting bigger clouds.’ It’s ridiculous. I love big clouds of vapor as well, but there’s a proper place. Indoors with other vapers, vape meets, and vape shops, in your car, even in smoking areas. I see some vapers blowing these humongous clouds while on the sidewalk, at crosswalks, out in public. These cloud chasers think that what they do is cool. They’re making themselves look like fools and giving vaping a bad rep.”

He also leaves a word of caution to teenagers and adolescents who want to try vaping:

“Unless you’re trying to get off a cigarette addiction, don’t start vaping. It’s not something to make you look cool. People are vaping to stop themselves from smoking. Unless you have a good base and understanding of vaping—especially when it comes to building coils and batteries—you shouldn’t be trying this.”

Thank you, Ron, for sharing these insights with NICMAXX!

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