When To Refill E Juice

when to refill e-juice

Just like learning a new sport or a new hobby, being a first-time vaper requires you to learn and understand new things. E-cigarettes are different from traditional cigarettes in more ways than one. Aside from using vapor instead of smoke, it is considered a ‘healthier’ option because the body absorbs less nicotine from it.

Before getting into the habit, you have to know a few things such as the ingredients used to create e-juice and how manufacturers measure their products’ nicotine content. In fact, you have to understand how to properly use this electronic device as it is different from traditional tobacco smoking.

You also have to know the rules about filling and refilling your vaping cartridges. All refillable cartomizers and smileomizers need e-juice to function. Most starter kits already come with the vaping device, USB charging cable, wall adapter and extra bottles of e-juice. However, some cartomizers and smileomizers come empty.

Knowing exactly when to refill your e-juice depends on your preference. Some vapers like to use up all the e-juice on their device before putting in some new product. Others prefer to do it when their e-juice level reaches half-way. The important thing is that you clean the tank, coil, and wick in between refills. Seasoned vapers say that using a dirty device can affect its performance and the flavor of the e-juice.

You can save a lot of money if you know how and when to refill your cartridge. Plus, you can mix and use any flavors you like. For beginners, using e-juice products that come in bottles that have eye droppers attached on the cap are highly recommended. You just have to draw up e-juice into the dropper and release into the poly filling. You may also use a clean syringe – this makes the process of refilling e-juice easy and accurate.

Step-by-Step Instructions on Refilling Your Vaping Device


  • Use a thumbtack to take out the white disc. Insert it into the small hole and slowly pull it out to one side.
  • Hold the device at a 45-degree angle and drip about five drops of e-juice into the inside wall of your cartomizer. Rotate the device after each drip to ensure an even fill. Repeat the technique after the e-juice has soaked into the filling. A typical cartomizer can hold 20 to 30 drops.
  • Put back the white disc onto the device and place it on an even surface for about ten minutes. After ten minutes, you can now attach your cartomizer to your e-cig battery – all ready for vaping!
  • If you have overfilled your device, remove it from the battery and blow out the excess e-juice from the bottom of the cartomizer.


  • Remove the soft mouth piece and unscrew the tip of the device.
  • If you have a large-sized smileomizer, you can drip about 70 to 90 drops of e-juice against the side and into the white filler material.
  • Continue squirting e-juice until your device is filled up just beneath the center hole. However, always remember that you shouldn’t put e-juice in the center hole as this is where the air comes in.
  • When you’re done, allow the e-juice to soak into the polyfill. Repeat the process until you see some liquid leaking out of the bottom of your smileomizer.
  • Let your device sit on an even surface for 5 minutes, replace the drip tip and vape away!
  • If the polyfill is not saturated, just repeat the filling process. You’ll know when it’s time to refill your device when the vapor production lacks in flavor.


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