The Ohm Factory Vape Lounge: A Home-Sweet-Home for Vapers


Vapers finally have a home where they can comfortably mingle with their fellow vapers. The Ohm Factory Vape Lounge in Gilbert, Arizona is the new place for vapers who just want to unwind, relax or hangout with fellow vapers. In fact, vaping lounges and cafes are the newest trend right now in Canada, US and UK. In a report by Washington County’s Pilot Tribune & Enterprise on vaping, it was cited that vape shops are now gaining popularity in the market, a manifestation that there is a growing culture around vaping. According to a 2015 survey by Reuters, “about 10 percent of U.S. adults now vape… About 15 percent of poll participants under the age of 40 now vape.”

In Arizona, The Ohm Factory Vape Lounge is one of the best proofs on this growing trend of vaping.

A Brief Throwback on the Ohm Factory Vape Lounge

Vaping has been considered as the best alternative to smoking. The said that vaping is just like smoking cigarette except that vaping has no adverse effects and it does not cause bad smell and bad breath.

Super cool couple Alex and Jessica Griffith started The Ohm Factory to help give people an alternative to smoking cigarettes. Vaping has a very significant part in Alex because it helped him quit smoking. He was hooked with smoking for twenty years. Aside from quitting smoking, Alex also met many people because of vaping. Because of this, Alex decided to build a bigger platform to help people quit smoking and be comfortable with vaping. His wife, Jessica, has always been supportive with Alex in his plans and dreams. Hence, The Ohm Factory Vape Lounge was born.

A Home Sweet Home

Alex and Jessica always wanted The Ohm Factory as sort to be a home for people. The ambience is comfortable, friendly and light. Customers can socialize while vaping. It is a place wherein customers become friends with each other.

Alex and Jessica also takes pride with their personal touch when it comes to customer service of The Ohm Factory Vape Lounge. According to the couple, they strive to be attentive and not treat their customers as mere sources of income. Their lounge is a home where customer can stay, chat and chill out. The couple added that it is inevitable to have new faces coming into the place. They try to make their customers’ first experience memorable by giving them free bottled water and coffee, video games and other perks. They can also share their experiences about vaping.

The Ohm Factory’s customers are diversified and they vary in everything which makes the place more exciting and homey. According to Alex and Jessica, they have twenty-somethings all the way to grandparents as their regular customers. There is no stereotyping in The Ohm Factory Vape Lounge. All customers will be attended by the staff and customers can enjoy the various e-liquid and other products that The Ohm Factory offers.

Meanwhile, The Ohm Factory Vape Lounge is surely an exciting place to hang out. This is definitely a home for those who are into vaping. A home that allows vapers to be surrounded by people just like them – to relax, chill, socialize, unwind and VAPE. And, indeed, vaping is the best alternative to smoking cigarettes.

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