Lessons in Vaping: When to Change Atomizer

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An important reminder for those who love vaping!

It requires two primary products that must be repurchased on a regular basis:

  1. The e-liquid; and
  2. The atomizer coil (also known as the atomizer head or replacement coil).

The atomizer is part of the e-cigarette that you own. It is the part of the e-cigarette that heats the e-liquid and converts this into vapors. This comes in single and dual-coil.
The single coil atomizer is equipped with one heating element while the dual-coil atomizer has two-heating elements that heat e-liquid simultaneously.

But do you know how often you should change your atomizer coil?

Determining the perfect replacement schedule is confusing at times because of many factors that will have to be considered.

The first factor is the acidity level of your e-liquid. The acidity level and the PG/VG consistency of the e-liquid affect the lifespan of your atomizer coil. The second one is the amount of vape and the power running to the coil.

The higher the acidity of your e-liquid, the faster it will make the coil of your atomizer to also burn out. The acidity level of the e-liquid will also depend on the kind of fruit flavor it contains.

The higher wattage and voltage that you use will eventually cause the wire to lose its heating capability and later on will slow down in the production of vapor.
Lastly, the higher the VG content of your e-liquid, the more that you will have to have your atomizer coil replaced. This is simply because glycerin is substantially thicker in consistency in comparison with propylene glycol. A high VG content makes the cotton or the silica wicking that is found within the atomizer coil to deteriorate faster.

How Do You Know When Is the Perfect Time to Already Replace Your Atomizer Coil?

A reduced vapor production is the most common indication that your atomizer coil is already nearing its end. Shortly thereafter, you will also start to see other signs like leaking, deterioration in the flavor production and even the presence of gurgling noises when you vape.

A brand new and functional atomizer coil produces thick vapor clouds. But as it starts to deteriorate, its vapor production also tends to reduce. When you start to feel a burnt-like taste when you vape, this should already be enough to tell you of the nearing end of your vaporizer’s lifespan.

When you can, also check on your atomizer’s cotton or silica wick. This starts to discolor and oversaturates after several uses.

Another obvious indication of an already damage atomizer is when you feel your e-liquid already reaching your mouth when you vape. The presence of leaks is an indication that your coil is already failing and is in need of replacement.

Leaks, in most cases, are accompanied by gurgling sounds. This is because the coil is no longer heating the e-liquid as rapidly as it is supposed to. This causes the atomizer’s head to flood and create gurgling noises. If not replaced immediately, the coil may already cease to produce vapor and you will end up with a mouth-full of e-liquids.

When you start to notice all of these indications, don’t wait any longer and have your atomizer coil replaced.

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