How to Charge an E Cig?

How to Charge an E Cig?


How to charge e cigarette?

Smoking tobacco has many adverse health effects, which is why many people have now switched to using e-cigarettes. It’s an electronic device powered by batteries, and just like a cell phone battery, it will eventually drain.

To keep your vaping device working like new, you need to take good care of its battery. You can do this by strictly following instructions for the different charging options. It can help you can save money from buying a replacement and enjoy your e-cigarette for a longer time.

Charging Options for E-Cigarettes

  1. USB Charger – most starter kits come with this charger. It is convenient to have around as it can fit into your PC, laptop, smart television and any equipment that has a USB post. You just plug it in, and voila, you can charge your e-cig battery with no hassle. There’s usually a red light that indicates if your battery is charging; it will turn blue when it’s done. People who like vaping at home and work will find a USB charger very handy.
  2. Car Charger – if you’re always on the road, you will appreciate having an e-cig car charger around. Similar to the USB charger, this easily plugs into your vehicle’s power adapter. It also comes as a standard to most starter kits available in the market today.
  3. Wall Charger – this is a 2-pronged device that fits into any 120V wall outlet. When using this type of charger, you need to screw your battery into your USB charger before plugging it into your wall charger. When using this type of charger, a long battery typically takes four hours to charge fully.
  4. Personal Charging Case – this is also referred to as the PCC, and so far, vapers find it the most convenient. You don’t need an electrical outlet or a USB post to charge your e-cigarette when its battery gets low. The PCC is about the same size as a pack of traditional cigarettes and functions in the same way as a power bank. It can charge up your e-cig battery up to four times before getting low. You can use either your USB or wall charger to power it up again. It’s also easy to use; just plug in your battery in the charging slot and wait until it’s fully charged.

How Long Does It Take to Charge an E-Cig Battery?

The answer to this question depends on the type of e-cig battery that you have. However, for initial charging, eight hours is required. Experienced vapers say that after the first charge, they plug in their devices for around three to four hours only. Always remember to avoid overcharging your e-cig batteries as it may explode and even catch fire.

As much as possible, run your batteries completely low before plugging them to charge. Give them enough time to charge fully; use the blue or green light as an indicator. If you properly charge your e-cig batteries, they will also last longer and perform better.

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