How is e-juice Nicotine Measured? Know the Strength of Your Juice

e-juice nicotine

 How is vape juice nicotine measured?

Vapers should know how to measure e-juice nicotine before deciding to buy an e-cig. E-cigs are less risky than the conventional cigarettes. But it is important to deepen this idea. That’s why you need to know the idea of gauging e-juice. As a fact, vape manufacturers have different forms of e-cig measurements.

Measuring e juice nicotine is about the percentage content inside the cartridges. Vape producers already specify the content using milligrams as the measurement. Milligram (mg) is used to measure solid objects, while milliliter (ml) is used to gauge liquid volume. This is a fundamental idea. And because e-cig has a liquid form, the measurement used for the general content is ml. Then, you can measure the nicotine content based on percentage of the total volume.

E-juice or e-liquid is the percentage of nicotine found in one bottle. The practice of using grams to gauge the nicotine content was originated in China. This is where the first e-cigs were produced years ago. You need to know the mass of solid nicotine dissolved with other e-cig ingredients. By using a simple mathematical formula, you have to divide the amount of nicotine by the total amount of liquid. Multiply by 100 the result of which. For example, you have purchased a bottle containing 1,000 mg as e-liquid. Then, it contains 20mg of nicotine. The amount of e-juice nicotine is therefore 2 percent.

There are three main determinants you can use to measure the nicotine level in your overall mix.

  • The nicotine strength of your e-liquid you like to have (Example: 20mg)
  • The concentration level of the nicotine (Example: 50mg)
  • The amount of e-liquid you’re going to mix. (Example: 10ml)

How is nicotine measured in e-liquid?

So you can determine how much nicotine is in there using percentage if you know the specific amount of nicotine and the total volume of e-liquid. This is just a simple math to do.
Meanwhile, studies have shown that there is less nicotine vapers can absorb from their vapes than that of the conventional cigarette smokers. E-cigs deliver vapor. This is the reason why it’s promoted as the safe alternative to cigarette smoking. Another good thing is that you can decide how much e-juice nicotine you’re going to puff. This can be done through using the simple formula shown above.

Knowing how to measure e-juice nicotine is not a difficult idea. Most e-cig labels actually contain already this information. But you have to choose the right company that produces the right vapes for you. Transparency is vital that’s why there’s a need to look at the legitimacy of e-cig production. The company should have passed all the necessary requisites so that you’ll never regret buying one flavor that contains a corresponding amount of e-juice. If you’ll do this, for sure, you can have a great experience while vaping.


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