The Harbor Vapor Lounge: Relax and Vape in Baltimore


The City of Baltimore in Maryland is a city famous for its ports and history. The city has been one of the major seaports in the Mid-Atlantic since the 1700s and has the most number of buildings recorded in the National Register of Historic Places.

A city close to the sea and rich with history–Baltimore is a place where communities easily form and thrive. One of these groups is the emerging vaping community–a loose association of people who’ve traded their tobacco sticks for electronic cigarettes.

NICMAXX talked to Sal, owner of one of the leading vaping hubs in Baltimore, the Harbor Vapor Lounge. The Harbor Vapor Lounge is a premier vaping spot in Fells Point, Baltimore. It’s located in a historic building in a waterfront neighborhood–definitely the perfect place to be laid back and enjoy vaping with a selection of the finest juices.

“The Harbor Vapor Lounge”

The Harbor Vapor Lounge prides itself on having the best customer service in a cool setting. Sal says:

“Harbor Vapor is located in the historic area of Fells Point in Baltimore, Maryland and we wanted to stay true to that. Our vibe is historic and industrial modern that plays well to our exposed brick walls that are almost 100 years old. We provide a relaxed atmosphere where customers can come check out all things vape related.”

The regulars at the Harbor Vapor Lounge range from the youngest and legal at 18 to the ripe old age of 80. Most of them like to hang out, browse new vaping hardware and check out their curated juice selection.

For everyone who wants to chill in the lounge, there are three rules to remember:

  • You must be over 18 years old no exceptions
  • Never hesitate to ask a question
  • Treat everyone with respect

Social Vaping

Vaping lounges are places where local vapers can converge and enjoy their hobby. For Sal, lounges are a hit with vapers because:

“Lounges offer a more engaging experience than your normal retail store. Vaping is a very social community, and the lounge atmosphere fosters that culture.”

At the Harbor Vapor Lounge, besides the camaraderie, customers also get “world class customer service” and more knowledge about vaping. Sal says they entertain newcomers and engage them, answering queries about hardware, mods, and juices.

The community of vapers in the Harbor Vapor Lounge is also active in the larger Baltimore community. Sal says they “do many local festivals” and holds “flash sales for our rewards program customers.”

Truth About Vaping

Sal thinks there’s “a lot of misinformation out in the media now” that gives people the wrong ideas about vaping. Some of these myths are one, that vaping is just a fad; and second, that vaping doesn’t work as a smoking deterrent.

Fortunately, many organizations such as the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) work hard to counter the myths sown by the media in the public consciousness.

Sal has something to say to both supporters and detractors of vaping:

“[For the supporters and advocates,] I say keep up the good work and never give up! There is a long road ahead of us that must be fought with facts and not myths. If you oppose vaping that is your choice but I say don’t infringe on someone else’s right to choose to vape.”

Baltimore vapers should go and check out Harbor Vapor Lounge! Thank you, Sal, for giving us a short tour of your lounge!

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