Every Female Vaper Loves The SheVapes Cheery Cartridge Pack

DIFFERENT PEOPLE vape for different reasons. Some — whether willingly or forced — vape to make the big switch from the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Some vape just to explore a new way of playing with vapor and nicotine, plus its various flavors given the various options for e-cig cartridges refill. Some also vape to collect new flavors, different vaping equipment and accessories and modify for fun. And for some, it is a way to socialize and connect with other co-vapers by sharing their vaping stories, juice flavor and advice or tips.

At the start, vaping was dominated by men. But recent studies showed that 53 percent of users today are women. It all comes down to vaping being cleaner than traditional tobacco and women being more sociable than men.

If you are that baddie lad who loves to vape and customize your vaping experience, then this article is for you. Introducing the Nicmaxx SheVapes Cherry Cartridge Pack.

What’s inside? Five, yes you’ve read that right, five, 18mg-nicotine, cherry-flavored replacement cartridges every woman will love. The SheVapes Cherry cartridge pack will never leave you hanging. For a reasonable price tag of $14.99, you can have this pack with an order of your fingertip. That’s about $3 per cartridge, indeed a great good value for your money as what many have testified.

From fruity flavors to chocolatey ones, every woman adores sweets. The SheVapes Cherry Cartridge pack is a surefire to bring out that gorgeous smile across your face. The flavor captures the sweetness of real cherry flavor, perfect for a sweet yet fierce woman like yourself.

The SheVapes Cherry cartridge pack would also be a great gift to your besties or group of ¬†all your galvaping friends! On your next night out or even girls’ day out, you could share the pack to everyone as there would be enough cartridges for all your gals.

After all, girls just wanna have fun!


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