Effects of Nicotine from Vaping – Is It Hazardous to Health?

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The use of vaporizers has been very popular for the past few years. Many smokers have ditched their traditional tobacco products and replaced it with e-cigs. Vapers claim that it’s a healthy alternative to smoking. But is it?

People may think that electronic cigarettes contain less nicotine compared to traditional ones. But new studies suggest that they can also cause danger to everyone’s health. In fact, scientists are disturbed with the increased enthusiasm that people, particularly teenagers, are developing toward these devices.

E-cigs or vapes contain chemicals that can cause damage to your lung tissue. When it leads to inflammation, your lung will lose its ability to keep out germs and other toxins. Mitch Zeller, director of the Center for Tobacco Products in Silver Spring, Maryland, says that “Nicotine is harmful to the developing teenage brain. And no teenager or any young person should be using tobacco or any nicotine-containing product.”

Although e-cigs or vapes do not burn tobacco as traditional cigarettes do, users are inhaling nicotine through the flavored liquid. Some vape manufacturers claim that their products contain zero nicotine. But they are yet to present evidence that this claim is true.

Harmful Effects of E-Cigarettes

  •    Smoking e-cigs can temporarily increase your heart rate and blood pressure. If you have a cardiovascular disorder, it is best to avoid anything that can affect your heart’s function – including e-cigs.
  •    It contains nicotine, and it’s addictive. When inhaled, nicotine rapidly spreads to the bloodstream and brain. It makes you crave for more and more until you never get satiated.
  •    E-cigarettes use e-liquids which contain food flavorings. As we know it, food flavorings contain lots of chemicals. Although they are safe to ingest, they can be hazardous when inhaled. Inhaling food flavorings can cause upper airway irritation and sore throat.
  •    An inexpensive clearomizer can produce high levels of formaldehyde when heated to a high level. Formaldehyde is a cancer-causing chemical, and a study conducted at Portland State University shows that vapes can produce higher levels of it than traditional cigarettes.
  •    When you use e-cigs, you’re breathing in lots of toxic (carcinogenic) chemicals, toxic particles, and nicotine which are all harmful to health.  

Many articles and studies have already claimed that vaping is indeed hazardous to health. However, all risks seem to be temporary, and no evidence shows that it could cause permanent damage. Traditional cigarettes remain to be the deadliest consumer product ever made. Half of the people who smoked all their lives die prematurely. In fact, the vast majority of vapers today are ex-smokers or current smokers.

Your lung is a major organ. Keep it healthy and toxic-free, and you’ll enjoy breathing fresh air for a long time. But if you fill it with toxic chemicals like nicotine, you’ll suffer from short breaths and difficulty in breathing even before your time. Whether or not e-cigs are hazardous to health, the real question is – do you want to live long and healthy? If yes, it’s best to avoid any product that contains nicotine, tobacco, formaldehyde, and any other chemical that will do no good.

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