Does E Juice Expire

does ejuice expire

As a consumer, it is your duty to check the expiration date of every product that you purchase. It includes the e-juice and vaping devices such as cartomizers and smileomizers. If this never came to mind, it’s about time that you check it.

Most bottles of e-juice have an expiry date. However, it is not officially established. If based on the lifespan of its main components (PG, VG, and nicotine), e-juice can last up to 1 to 2 years. Of course, you have to observe proper care and storage to make it last.

The flavoring added to the e-juice can affect its lifespan. The product can spoil sooner depending on the flavor used. You may also notice some formation on your e-juice after some time of not using it. If it dissolves in the liquid when you shake the bottle, it’s nothing to worry about. But if it doesn’t, it may mean that the product is starting to go bad.

Just observe the same precautions you would with food products – if it smells strange or looks different, it’s probably best not to use the product anymore.

Understanding the Expiry Date on Your E-Juice

Expiration dates that you see on e-juice bottles are just an estimation of when the product will go bad. It is because of the absence of FDA regulation. However, it doesn’t mean that the given expiry dates are not accurate.

If you’ve been using vaping products for quite some time, you may have noticed that the expiration dates on each e-juice bottle range from one to two years. It has been calculated based on the shelf life of the product’s main ingredients such as nicotine, PG, and VG. These materials can last up to two years if stored properly – meaning at a place below 104 F or 40 C. Also, avoid storing your e-juice in areas where it is exposed directly to sunlight.

The flavorings have little impact on an e-juice’s shelf life. For example, products that have a chocolatey flavor may last up to 5 years while those with vanillin may only last up to 2 years. But as a rule of thumb, a properly stored bottle of e-juice is only good for two years.

If still in doubt about your e-juice, ask yourself these three questions, and you will come up with a conclusion:

  • Is your e-juice changing colors?
  • Does it smell funny?
  • Is it not as thick as it used to be?

Using Expired E-juice – Is It Dangerous?

The answer is no. Vaping expired e-juice will not cause any serious harm. However, there is no study to prove this yet. So might as well not try it. It’s still better to be safe now than be sorry later. You probably you wouldn’t enjoy vaping a bad tasting e-cig anyway.

Buying a new bottle of e-juice may cost you more money. But would you choose to be sick over spending a few more dollars? To help extend the shelf life of your e-juice and other vaping materials, make sure to store in a place away from high temperatures and light. Also, keep them sealed to eliminate excess air.

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