Why Does My E Cig Taste Burnt

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It can only mean two things if your e-cigarette starts to taste bad – its wick material is dry, or there’s a gunk buildup on the atomizer coil. New and experienced vapers have their story with this nasty, burnt aftertaste. It doesn’t occur very often but knowing what causes it may help you avoid the unpleasant experience.

Make it a habit to check your cartridge. Don’t let it get dry as the coil will burn the filler. Some say that regularly filling up your device with e-juice as you vape can help prevent the problem. Keeping your cartridge filled with liquid can protect the polyfill material of the e-cig.

You will know the perfect time to put in some e-juice because there will be a drop in flavor and vape production when you draw. Tolerating the nasty taste and allowing your cartridge to run out of e-juice can result to a damaged e-cigarette. Once a large part of the filler material is ruined, it will be impossible to get rid of the burnt taste.

Contrary to what most e-cig companies believe, cartridges can be reused and refilled several times without affecting the device’s performance. But aside from keeping your cartridge filled, you also have to check if there’s a gunk build up on the coil. You can clean this up by rinsing it with water. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to do the ‘dry-burn technique.’

First, you have to remove any filler from the cartridge and heat up the coil until the residue is charred. At this point, it will be easier to remove and clean. It’s a bit time consuming and is usually done on atomizers, rather than cheap cartomizers.

Sometimes, vapers get dry hits because they tend to overuse their e-cigarettes. You have to follow the proper way to use your vaping device or else you will end up hurting your throat and taste buds. Experienced vapers say that using different flavors is highly recommended to avoid muting your taste buds.

Tips on How to Prevent the Coil from Burning

  • Prime your coils before vaping – you have to make sure that your device’s coil is adequately soaked in e-juice before you install it. Although it may take some time to do, priming ensures that there is enough liquid to absorb the heat when you start to draw.
  • Stop chain vaping – the proper way of using an e-cigarette is to take around five to seven draws per session. After which, you need to let your device and your throat rest. But if you’re in a vaping bout, at least let your device rest for five to ten minutes before drawing again.
  • Reduce your power setting – just follow the range of wattages that you should use for your device’s coil, and you shouldn’t have a problem.
  • Keep your tank topped up – if the level of e-juice in your cartridge is not enough, its wick will not get soaked too.
  • Use an e-juice with more PG content – PG is thinner than VG; it is easily absorbed by the wick and helps prevent burnout.
  • Use an e-juice with less sweetener – e-juice products that are high on sweeteners can gunk up the coils faster. Sugar can caramelize, get stuck on the coil and destroy it.
  • Use temperature control – track the change in resistance that occurs when the coil heats up by using TC (temperature control) devices such as Innokin Cool Fire IV. It will allow you to set the maximum temperature for your coil to keep it from burning.

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