How to Drip: Become A Cloud Chasing Pro

How to Drip - NICMAXX

Notice how the hard or complicated matter is always the most rewarding? Say, climbing Mt. Everest. It’s one of the most difficult things to do. But once you accomplish the task at hand, it’s just the most fulfilling thing in the world. This is the same with dripping. It is the most complicated type of vaping, but it is also the most delicious.

Basically, dripping is for the hobbyist—someone who basks in some complication. An e-cigarette just needs a switch to be turned on and you can vape away. The rules in dripping are different. It’s called dripping because you literally put drops of e-liquid or e-juice into an atomizer’s coil and then inhale the vapor that it produces. Dripping actually has a stronger impact on a person. In the case of the regular vaporizer or e-cigarette, it is a closed system. This means that when you vape, the vapor has to travel within the system. This means that part of the vapor will be spent before you can inhale that sought-after smoke. Along with the strength of the vapour, the taste dissipates as well.

Another disadvantage of an e-cigarette is that there are times when you feel a “burning” sensation while using the e-cigarette. This happens when the e-liquid is just about to evaporate. So there is a burning sensation that may jolt your lips. The same cannot be said with dripping.

Here are the steps in dripping:

  1. Prepare your atomizer. A coil will be snaking inside the atomizer. A mesh-made V-shaped will be on top of the atomizer coil.
  2. Put a drip tip to the mouthpiece of the atomizer.
  3. Drop a few drops of e-liquid or e-juice onto the coils.
  4. Activate the vaporizer and sniff away!

A number of people are growing to love dripping because it’s very pure. You may put in a minimum of two drips to a maximum of four drips in the atomizer. This can already allow you between seven and 12 hits. You may put in more drips when you don’t taste the flavor anymore. But you have to keep in mind that nicotine is dangerous in large doses. E-liquid contains nicotine in very small doses. So just keep that in mind.

As mentioned, dripping is more complicated than just vaping with an e-cigarette. The process along involves a number of vaping parts:

  • Drip tip – this prevents the lips from directly touching the atomizer.
  • Atomizer – the main component of this drip-vape system.
  • Drip shield – catches leaks from e-juice.

If there’s one lesson dripping imparts on vapers, it’s patience. Start with a few drops of e-liquid to sniff on in order to prepare the body. Don’t just jump in the big leagues.

Vaping, in whatever forms—e-cigarette or atomizer, makes for a healthy alternative to smoking. According to a recent health report from the Health section of the Daily Mail, six million people die of tobacco-related disease every year. Electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes don’t contain the dangerous chemicals present in regular cigarettes. So vaping, essentially, is a way safer alternative to smoking.

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