Difference Between Vaping and E-Cigarettes: The Must-Read Facts

With the implementation of smoking ban in some parts of the country and the world, some smokers have had shifted to the use of e-cigarettes or vapor cigarettes as an alternative. Instead of the traditional way of lighting a cigar, puffing out its cloud of smoke to enjoy its nicotine contents, you can now vaporize a liquid solution consisting of nicotine and flavoring. This way, smoke is produced even in the absence of combustion.

Vaper Soul describes vaping as the “act of inhaling water vapor through a personal vaporizer (the vaper’s tobacco-free version of the traditional cigarette).” Vaping, which is the name given to the use of a vaporizer, serves as an alternative to the traditional smoking. The process involves the application of heat on liquid to generate vapor.

An electronic cigarette, on the other hand, is a handheld device that vaporizes a flavored liquid. The user then inhales the vapor that is produced. E-cigarettes have several other names which include e-cigs, personal vaporizers and electronic nicotine delivery systems.

A Chinese Pharmacist, named Hon Lik, invented the modern day e-cigarette in 2003. This is the reason why most e-cigarettes available on the market until 2015 were produced in China.
The demand of e-cigarettes, not only the US, but also in others parts of the world, has increased since then.

How E-Cigarettes Started?

The earliest e-cigarettes can be traced to American Herbert A. Gilbert in 1963. He patented a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette by replacing burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, and flavored air. His device produced flavored steam but without any trace of nicotine.

Gilbert got a patent for his invention in 1965. Since then, several other prototypes were created but those prototypes had received little attention and were never commercialized because smoking remained fashionable during that time.

Hon Lik was credited for the invention of the modern day e-cigarettes. He was doing research for a ginseng company, when his father died from lung cancer. In 2001, he thought of using a high frequency, piezoelectric ultrasound-emitting element to vaporize a pressurized jet of liquid containing nicotine. His design created a smoke-like vapor that has become a popular alternative to cigarette smoking starting in 2003.

Reasons for E-cigarettes Use

Users differ in their reasons for using e-cigarettes. There are those who use them as a means to quit their smoking habits while others use e-cigarettes for recreation. Others who want to circumvent smoke-free laws and policies avoid the unpleasant smell brought by cigarette smoking by shifting to e-cigarette smoking. Many vapers believe that vaping is much healthier than smoking the traditional cigarettes that are believed to cause illnesses including cancer.

Buying Your Device

The first step in vaping is getting your own starter kit. The vapers will have to get accustomed to using e-cigarettes that are normally heavier and longer in comparison with the traditional cigarettes. When you start to master the use of your e-cigs, you now have the option to get a new and more advanced device.

While you enjoy vaping, it is important to also remember the need to clean your device. This way, you will also get to check if there are parts that have started to deteriorate and are already in need of replacement.

In cleaning, unscrew every piece and carefully place it on a clean hand paper towel to avoid possible loss of some parts. A tank that is already overfilled has a tendency to develop leaks. Prolonged use may also cause your device’s atomizer to develop a build-up on threads located between its battery and atomizer.

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