Cleaning Vape Tank With Water, the Safe and Sure Way

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 If you’ve been vaping for some months now, you must have already gone through different juice flavors. When switching from thick, strong flavors to light sweet ones, you too must have already hated the taste your vape tank gives because you can still taste that previous flavor creeping in! This is most especially true if you enjoy tobacco, coffee, and other dominant flavors such as melon or grape. This is, however, normal among vapers, and the only trick around it is simply proper tank cleaning!What Makes Tank Cleaning Proper?

Aside from frequency in cleaning, and following a standard process, it is the cleaning material itself that makes a whole lot of difference when cleaning a vape tank. Many experienced vapers will suggest that you use isopropyl alcohol or vodka. These cleaners are okay. The best cleaning liquid, however, remains to be water. Other liquid cleaners would have a catastrophic effect on the tank if not properly rinsed. Some will even leave a nasty residue and particles that harden up over time which anyone will find difficult to get rid of. This is impossible to happen when you clean using water because not only is water pure but is also without any other chemicals. It is the safest and most reliable cleaner out there for your vapes!

The Guide

This is a step-by-step guide on how to clean your vape tanks with nothing else but water. It is relatively easy to follow, and you will not be needing anything else but the tank itself, a cup or bowl, and water, which should preferably be distilled. Here goes:

  1. Start by taking apart your vape tank into as many pieces as possible. Disassemble everything you can find including those that don’t seem to need cleaning such as the O-rings. They may look clean, but you’ll soon find out upon removing them that there are also gunk and liquids trapped beneath it.
  1. Once everything is disassembled, start with unit parts that look like they can trap some liquid and dirt in them. Good examples would include the drip tip, glass tube or the core. You’ll also need to remove either the base or the top cap of your atomizer. Once you’ve identified them, shake them vigorously and make sure that you get rid of any juice or liquid trapped in them. You can also put them under running water to totally flush out liquid gunk, if any.
  1. Set aside the parts when done and fill your cup or bowl with water to its brim. It is best that the water is hot so boil the water prior or simply heat the water in a microwave for a minute or two.
  1. Place all your disassembled tank in the cup or bowl and make sure that the water covers all of them. The hot water will soften any hardened deposits and will also work as steam to push out any stubborn gunk that clings onto the tank. Soak them for about 10-15 minutes.
  1. Once done, give your tank one final rinse under running water. Using a paper towel pat dry your tank very gently and let it sit to air dry.

Since you only used water, don’t worry about any leftover residue building up on your tank. Once it dries up, it will surely be clean and fresh as new. Make sure to do this at least once every two weeks, or once a week if you are a chain vaper or heavy user.

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