Cleaning Vape Tank With Alcohol: For Stubborn Stains and Hardened E-Juice Deposits

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The vape tank is the powerhouse of any vape or electronic cigarette. It serves both as the heating element and an e-liquid holder that allows your battery to transform from a simple lithium-ion power source into a functioning vaporizer. Thus, without the vape tank, your vape or e-cig will basically be useless. This is why it is very vital to know the basics of properly maintaining your vape tank.

Fortunately for you, cleaning your vape tank is a very simple task! Read on to find out more!

Make it a habit

Making it a habit to clean your vape tank at least once every two weeks can prove to be very beneficial. Not only does it help prolong the life your vape unit in general, but it also allows for a better vaping experience. You might even decide to go for at least once a week if you are a chain-vaper or heavy user because this is the primary reason why vape tanks get gunked. Also, it is not only massive use that causes gunking because it can include changes within the environment of the tank too, like humidity and temperature.

Aside from old and hardened e-liquid clinging on to your vape tank, you might also want to consider cleaning your vape tank more often in order to take advantage of the best vape flavor your unit and e-juice can offer you!

Prepare Alcohol

Yes! Alcohol! And yes, it includes precisely that which you can drink! This is necessary because of the gunky buildup of old and heated e-liquid in the vape tank. It may also include darkening and thickening of vape juice residue that settles into cracks or crevices of the tank. To get rid of this, it is best to use liquids that are fast acting but would not be too harsh for the metal of your e-cig or vape such as alcohol. For best results, look for high-proof, unflavored liquor like vodka. It is an ideal solvent to help break down persistent e-juice deposits. You can also choose to dampen a microfiber cloth or paper towel with it and thoroughly but carefully rub the soiled areas until the hardened e-juice is removed. When this is done, you can start rinsing the tank. If there are still hardened deposits, wipe and rinse through the help of warm water instead. The heat will easily soften these solidified deposits after a couple of tries. You may also soak the tank in hot water for about 10 minutes as most people suggest.

If you’re wondering why isopropyl-rubbing alcohol wasn’t recommended, it is worth noting now that it works just as fine. However, it can be really toxic if not rinsed and dried properly. As such, vodka was suggested for a much safer option.

Soap and other types of detergents, on the other hand, have also been proven not only ineffective but also unnecessary when cleaning vape tanks. This is due to the risks of unwanted residue that it can leave behind.

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