Can Vaping Harm You The Way Cigarette Smoking Does?

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Vaping is the act of inhaling – exhaling water vapor that is produced by a device called or e-cigarette or vaporizer. Through heated flavored e-liquids, vapers enjoy the gaseous form that usually looks thicker than smoke, but evaporates more quickly into the air. The e-liquids would usually have tobacco flavor but can also be fruity, candy, and minty.  

It is loved by most because it is tobacco-free and can also come in nicotine-free versions. It can very well be considered smoking without the tobacco, the displeasing smell and virtually all the side-effects and health risks of cigarette smoking. What’s more, is that instead of having to buy a pack of cigarette every time, which proves to be costly, you only need to get an electronic device once. This device may cost you an amount initially, but is much cheaper in the long run because it is refillable and rechargeable.

This will then make you wonder, why are some smokers still hesitant to make the switch? What’s stopping them? The answer lies in yet another more popular question: How safe is vaping?

Here’s what popular researchers have to say:

  • The Public Health England states that “Vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.”
  • For the Spanish Council of Scientific Research, vapor that is exhaled has even lesser volatile organic compounds than our normal exhaled breath. Thus, the same can be said when compared to exhaled smoke.
  • The Royal College of Physicians states that vaping’s proven advantages definitely outweigh any of its potential harms.
  • According to the American Heart Association, Vaporizers are way less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes, and proves to be helpful to smokers wishing to quit.

From these researchers, one can already conclude that vaping is safe. But of course, even despite the existence and claims of these studies, we can’t totally say that vaporizers pose absolutely no threat whatsoever to our bodies. Even the food we eat every day can pose harm with improper diet.

Here are some of the reported adverse side effects of vaping and what one can do to lessen, if not avoid them:

  • Dry Mouth – since most e-liquids has propylene glycol or hygroscopic liquid, it attracts and holds water molecules from its environment such as the mouth causing it to dry. This could easily be improved by increasing water intake.
  • Dry Skin – as mouths can dry, so can the skin. This is however temporary and will wane as soon as the body adjusts. For the mean time, it could be addressed with hypo-allergenic moisturisers
  • Rash/Burning Sensation On Face – could be attributed to the heated vapor or as an allergic reaction to the e-liquid content but is also temporary as soon as the body adjusts
  • Itchiness And Puffy Eyes – may also occur due to allergies to the ingredients of eliquid such as vegetable glycerine or the flavourings. Thus, experimenting with flavors can sometimes help and adjusting levels of any component can also bring relief

These side effects, however, are temporary and may occur only because one has been vaping too much. As it is with anything, too much is poison and the best way to address it is simply control. Sometimes, it isn’t even vaping, but how your body is reacting to other substances that cause the side effects. That said, vaping remains to be a safer alternative to traditional cigarette. And the so called side-effects will in no way discount, the numerous benefits that vaping brings.

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