Can I Quit Smoking: Tips, Reminders and Useful Hacks

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It’s not a secret that smoking is bad. The box is in fact designed with numerous and almost cliché sounding warnings. And if you say smoking causes a magnitude of health problems, no one would fight you. It’s already a given. It’s expensive; it makes you reek; it kills. The list could go on and on, but it’s basically just evil. Despite all these, however, most smokers continue to inhale the hazardous toxic substances. Thousands have tried to quit, and they just fail, start over and try again, only to fail yet again. It’s not that they’re weak or undisciplined. It’s just that quitting smoking could literally qualify as one of the most difficult and challenging things to do in a smoker’s life.

Now you might be asking: If it’s this difficult and most people fail, why would I succeed? The answer simply lies in the process. It’s not a question anymore of whether or not you’re capable of quitting because you are! It’s more of avoiding the popular reasons why most people can’t or simply fail to. When we get to find out the reasons why some fail, we now can identify what to avoid.

Let’s take a look at the most popular reasons why people fail when they try quitting:

Reason #1 – Smoker friends
The primary reason of smokers who tried and failed to quit is the people around them who smoke. When surrounded by smokers, it can be very easy to be reminded of the smell and the feeling of doing it again. Sometimes, it can even lead to envy that you actually start doubting why you’re even doing what you’re doing. Self-doubt is an enemy that can easily second-guess your resolve.

Suggested solution: Succesful quitters recommend a clean break from everything associated with smoking including the people and the places where you usually hang out to puff. Especially at the early stages of quitting when it is most difficult, remaining on track is very essential and distractions that cause you to look back is obviously counterproductive.  Although this might be a little extreme or impossible, bear in mind that this is only temporary while your cravings and withdrawal symptoms are still at their peak. Also, if they are your real friends, they sure won’t mind and even support you by trying to quit too.


Reason #2 – Sudden quitting
More often than not, anything that is suddenly accomplished could also mean haphazardly done. Thus, it rarely becomes effective. A common side effect of suddenly stopping nicotine intake is that instead of quitting, your cravings get worse and you’d actually want to smoke more or get more nicotine.

Suggested Solution: The key to success in quitting is to do it slowly and gradually. This way, your body will not go through a shock making withdrawal symptoms worse than they should be. Try smoking alternatives such as nicotine patches or vapes for the meantime and gradually reduce the nicotine level as you progress. Your cravings will just stop one day, before you even realize it.


Reason #3 – Lack of motivation
When people try to quit smoking and are already halfway through, they try to second-guess their decision to have an excuse and continue the habit. They justify why quitting is not worth it, or that the damage has already been done anyway so why quit now?

Solution: Ask your friends to charge you an amount for every time you smoke. Say $50 for a puff and $200 per stick. At the same time, ask your friend to collect the money that you would have spent for the whole week if you were still smoking. While the charge is your penalty, the savings can be treated as many different things. You can treat it as a reward fund which you can use to treat yourself every month for having successfully quit. Or you can simply continue saving it up as a reminder of how far you’ve gone!

If you are planning to quit smoking now, please consider some of the suggested solutions mentioned above. It will surely be difficult because stopping smoking means more than just quitting. It might mean changing your lifestyle or forming new habits, but in the end, everything will be worth it.

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