Best Way to Clean Vaporizer

Best Way To Clean Vaporizer - NICMAXX

If you’re hooked on using e-cigarette today, you should also know how to take good care of it. So don’t leave the store without buying a cleaning kit too. Keeping your equipment in tip-top shape will let you enjoy smooth vaping always.

Since there are various vaporizer models today, there is also a specific set of cleaning rules for each of them. What you will find here are general cleaning procedures that may work with any model. The following tips should help you in maintaining the quality and performance of your vaporizer.

Taking Care of Your Vaporizer

  1. Buy a cleaning solution. It can be isopropyl alcohol, alkaline-based solutions, lemon juice or simply water. Just remember not to use any product that contains strong chemicals that may damage your vape tool. Just remember that you shouldn’t use isopropyl alcohol or any acetone-based cleaner to clean the plastic parts of your vaporizer as it will dissolve them. Alkaline-based solutions cannot be used on colored metals as it will fade. If you can, find a cleaner that’s specially made for vape tools. Ask the seller from where you bought your equipment – they might have one.
  2. Quickly soak the screens and other parts of your vaporizer in your chosen cleaning solution. If you’re going to use a product that’s specifically designed for vape tools, you can soak overnight. For whatever cleaning solution you decide to use, give it enough time to remove all the dirt and grime from your vaporizer’s components.
  3. After soaking, you can quickly wipe away the gunk in your equipment. It would come in handy if you also have pipe cleaners, grime wipes, paper towels, and any other cleaning material to help you remove the dirt. Some vaporizers have wood or other fine surfaces. If you have this type, you should avoid soaking it as it would damage the material. To clean it, you can use a damp cloth or an old toothbrush. Clean it thoroughly and let it dry completely.
  4. Don’t forget to rinse your vaporizer with water to remove any lingering cleaning solution that may destroy your equipment. Once it’s dry, run it through a heating cycle, and you can start vaping away!

Always remember to wait until your atomizer is dry and your tank is empty before cleaning your vape tool. Don’t forget to remove the battery and carefully disassemble the parts. Following proper cleaning tips for your equipment will help prolong its life and keep it at its best performance.

Aside from regular cleaning, you should also observe proper charging of your e-cig batteries. Always wait for the light to turn green before unplugging your charger. But if your charger doesn’t have an indication light, make sure to leave it on for around three hours.

Some e-cigarette models today are maintenance-free. To prepare them every day, you just have to screw in a newly filled tank and occasionally charge it when necessary.


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