Smoking Vaporizer Indoors

smoking vaporizer indoors

One of the reasons why people opt to vape than smoke traditional cigarettes is its pleasant smell. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping doesn’t leave a ‘stinking smell.’ In fact, you can choose from a wide variety of delicious flavors, and people won’t avoid you when you pass. But does this make it safe to vape indoors? How about around children and the elderly? Let’s find out.

Although vaporizers and other ENDS products produce vapor instead of smoke, they are still not safe to use around children. Remember, the e-liquid used to produce vapor contains chemicals that are harmful to health. Children can develop allergic reactions from inhaling the vapor or poisoned if they swallow the e-liquid. As an adult, it is your responsibility to keep all your vaping materials out of reach of children. They may find the candy flavors appealing and who knows what may happen if they play with the chemicals.

Vaping indoors may also put your loved ones at risk for second-hand smoking. Although there are claims that e-cigarettes contain less amount of nicotine, using the product around children or the elderly can still expose them to unknown chemicals. Harmful ingredients in e-liquids such as formaldehyde may lead to the development of illnesses and infections. Your loved ones may suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia, and breathing problems.

How to Protect Your Children from the Harmful Effects of Vaping

You may not be able to completely protect your kids from all exposure to e-cigarettes, especially outdoors, but you can protect them at home. Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Quit smoking. You may be using vaporizers as an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, but it’s still the best just to quit. You can start by creating a plan that includes your reasons, smoking triggers, and strategies. You can even get professional help to deal with your cravings – check out or call 1-800-QUIT-NOW hotline. Get in touch with online support groups and local cessation programs in your area. Also, ask your doctor if he has a nicotine replacement therapy to recommend. Quitting is possible if you do it for the people you love.
  • Adopt a smoke-free home and car policy. Quitting is not easy, and it’s something that you can’t do overnight. So start protecting your children by imposing a ‘No Smoking Policy’ in your house and vehicle – even if the kids aren’t home.
  • Keep your vaping gear out of reach of children. Store your vaping paraphernalia in a place where your children can’t find them. Better yet, lock them up and be sure to follow the label’s disposal instructions.
  • Avoid places that allow smoking or vaping in the vicinity. Some restaurants or establishments allow their customers to smoke in a designated area. But even if you stay in the non-smoking section, secondhand smoke is still in the air.
  • Educate your children and tell them to stay away from any tobacco product. Let them know of the dangers of smoking and encourage them to engage in healthy activities such as sports, painting, etc.

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