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9 Sep 2020

Why Does Vape Explode?

Traditionally, men have favored the use of cigarettes to signify their macho personas or even their status in society. The more expensive the cigarette being used, the richer the person smoking it is. The addictive component in
19 Oct 2019

What Are The Most Important Vaping Etiquette To Remember All The Time?

Vaping is common among people these days. In fact, the number of people using portable vaporizers continues to grow. Many say that vaping is less harmful than smoking as the body takes in fewer toxic chemicals. However,
27 Sep 2019

The One Secret To Quit Smoking Is Here!

One day you may find yourself contemplating the idea of quitting your smoking habit. You have tried patches, but they do not work for you, nicotine gum and inhalers do not work either. You may have decided
21 Sep 2019

Can Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Time and time again, we are reminded about the dangers of tobacco smoking. Almost 500,000 people were diagnosed with smoking-related diseases and died; these statistics show up every year in the United States alone. These past few
15 Sep 2019

How Safe Is Vaping?

No matter how much we deny it, there are still facts about the dangers of smoking that we have to face. There are health risks linked with cigarettes, and all of them are documented, with graphic warnings
6 Jun 2017

Smoking Vaporizer Indoors

One of the reasons why people opt to vape than smoke traditional cigarettes is its pleasant smell. Unlike traditional cigarettes, vaping doesn’t leave a ‘stinking smell.’ In fact, you can choose from a wide variety of delicious