How You Can Properly Maintain a Vape Device

As you have learned, vaping is cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. You can even make it cheaper if you enjoy a wonderful vaping experience. Vaping includes two recurring costs – the vape coil and the vape juice. However, they need to be periodically replaced as they use up, which all depends on how much and how well you vape. 

Let’s imagine, you just received a new vape device to enjoy. The portable vaporizer looks sleek, shiny, and is the most advanced device on sale. However, after some time, the device turns dirty and gunky, and performance is now lacking. You are now looking forward to buying a new one, just when you realize that you do not know how to clean the vaping device. This, usually, happens when you are a newbie to the vaping hobby.

It’s when you need to buy an e-cigarette starter kit for regular maintenance. If you keep the device’s components clean, you can enjoy all the flavorings you buy for a great vaping experience. So, here is how to clean the vape device for newbies. 

What’s Inside a Vape Device?

To know what’s inside a portable vaporizer, you first need to understand its components. The pen-style vaporizer is generally made up of three main components:

  1. Tank – it’s where the e-liquid is stored, which is combined with the atomizer as one unit.
  2. Coil – the heating element where e-liquid is converted into vapor.
  3. Battery – to make the unit work. It may include temperature and voltage controls. For vape mods, batteries are contained in the housing itself. 

Box mods look similar to typical e-cigarettes but have bigger housing and more potent batteries. As a result, the vape box provides more vapor, yields better throat hit, with enhanced vape juice flavorings

  • Cleaning a Vaping DeviceVAPE NICMAXX

If you have an e-cigarette starter kit, you can start by rinsing and cleaning the vape tank before you change flavors. It will ensure you taste the new flavor when changed. It’s also a great habit to clean the portable vaporizer at least once or every few weeks to ensure the device is properly maintained. Certainly, you want the vape device to give you top performance each time you use it. It should improve the device’s output when used.

  • Cleaning the Vape Tank

Vaping individuals want to buy new e-liquids frequently, however, they make a mistake of adding the new flavors into the tanks without cleaning the previous ones. Everyone wants to taste the new flavors, that’s why they enjoy vaping. To ensure that you savor the flavors, you need to clean the vape tank as frequently as possible. You can start by rinsing it or cleaning it with alcohol. 

  • Cleaning the Vape Coils

Even if you clean the portable vaporizer from time to time, there will come a point when you need to replace the coil. One may need to find a way to clean the vape coils, so it continues to provide you with great vapes. If they become wet, they will burn out. Coils are influenced by the flavors you buy, and if you vape more frequently, then at one point in time, you need to change them. You can readily choose a wide variety of vape coils in the market. 

  • Keeping the Battery Clean

One last aspect you need to concern with when using vaporizers is to keep the batteries clean at all times. Battery threads and battery chargers must be cleaned before and after charging. You may want to use a Q-tip to clean the connection and extend the battery life. Also, try to avoid overcharging, as this makes the batteries worn out. 

So, to save money from buying a new vape device, ensure that you keep in mind these four vape maintenance practices for a great vaping experience. You may even want to buy NICMAXX starter kits for the best e-cigarettes.

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