Flavor is Everything

CIGARETTE SMOKING is dangerous to your health. This has been included in every cigarette’s advertisement on the TV, radio and even on the papers, regardless of the brand.

Indeed, with the hype of vaping, a lot of cigarette smokers have tried to switch — or have already done so — from the traditional tobacco to its electronic counterpart. Despite the few challenges brought about by the nicotine withdrawal, the switch is generally smooth and easy. This may largely be due to the similarities in sensation.

For those new to vaping, they expect to find that same excitement they get when smoking a cigarette, and hence, a great number of users are fairly satisfied anyhow. A lot of that has to do with the flavor of the e-cig liquid, as well.

There is a huge selection of different e-cig liquids available in the market today. With flavors that vary from brand to brand. Often, newcomers would purchase a single flavor. They try it out, and when they find the experience unsavory, they end up discontinuing their vaping journey and just go back to cigarettes.

As a general rule for new vapers, it is always good to try new flavors every now and then. If, for example, you’ve tried one that you really like, try not to stick to that flavor. Sooner or later you’ll find that the amount of satisfaction you get from that same flavor starts to lessen over time. It’s similar to consuming the same flavor of candy over and over again.

Whenever you visit a local vaping store or perhaps go online to buy e-cig liquids, try to look around for at least four to five more different flavors and keep them in store. With new flavored e-cig liquids being introduced every now and then, there is always that excitement of trying something new, which is something that the typical cigarette doesn’t have.

So why not take advantage of the growing market and treat yourself to new e-liquid flavors every now and then. Try to keep the vaping experience fresh and exciting!

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