The E-Cigarette Liquid Ideal For You

APART FROM the e-cigarette, the most important element in vaping is the e-cigs liquid. The sensation, flavor and vapor production all depends on this addicting substance users inhale during vaping sessions. With the huge selection of e-cigs liquid out there, you’d have to find that perfect one suitable to your style and fancy.

There are four major chemical compounds that made up the e-cigarette liquid used in vaping, and these are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, a few food additives for flavoring and sometimes nicotine. The perfect balance of this concoction creates its unique flavor and aroma.

Let’s do a little bit of formulation, shall we? By significantly increasing the composition of the propylene glycol, the e-cig vapor-liquid would make for a stronger throat effect, while adding more of the vegetable glycerin, on the other hand, strengthens the amount of vapor produced when inhaled, allowing a smoother feel.

For a beginner — meaning, those new to vaping or smoking altogether — using liquids with a smaller content of nicotine and propylene glycol is rather recommended since this version is still mild and “friendly.”

There are also thousands of flavors out there, some, a bit more unconventional than others. As of today, we have the common flavors like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and orange. There are also the uncommon ones, like beer, bacon, butter, garlic, bubblegum, and even Froot-loops (yes, the cereal).  

The huge varieties of e-cig liquids are absolutely amazing. After all, with the increasing trend of vaping, the market inevitably produces more and more choices for the average vapor to enjoy and experience. You can buy e-cig liquids at local vape stores or even online. If you’re still on that vaping journey to try and find out the e-cig liquid that suits you the best, then the only way to know is to be adventurous and actually try!  

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