What E-liquid Is Right For Me?

VAPE NICMAXX They already know if the juice they are buying will create a lot of vapor or would give a good hit in the throat. They also know if the nicotine content is sufficient for them or they would need a stronger formula. These are some things that experienced vapers may find easy to distinguish. However, for those who are still new to vaping, the question regarding the type of e-juice to purchase would sound a bit complicated. Below you will find the things that you need to know about these e-liquids. Keep them in mind so that next time you purchase one, you will know where. 

Know Your Preference 

One thing that you have to understand whenever you would buy e-cigs liquid is that your satisfaction will always depend on your preference. Vapers have already figured this out, which is why they don’t have a hard time choosing the e-juice to purchase. If you are a newbie, you can initially give the various liquids a try until you will find the right feel and hit. Remember that there are various types of vape juice and each one has its unique characteristics. If you are happy with the idea of trying out various e-juices, then better understand the composition of these liquids. 

Know the Ratio 

If you have already gone inside a vape shop, you will immediately notice that e-juices are labeled with math ratios. Don’t be discouraged as you will not be required to derive the result of those fractional ratios. The numbers will tell you the ratio of the elements that comprise the liquid. Usually, the ratio is the proportion between the vegetable glycerin (VG) and the propylene glycol (PG). So if you see a fraction that says 50/50, it will tell you that the particular e-juice is comprised of 50% vegetable glycerin and the other 50% is propylene glycol. 

Know the Implications 

Aside from knowing the ratio, you also need to understand what the effect is if the percentage of VG is higher than PG or vice versa. When VG is higher, it means that you will be creating thicker vapors. If you are fond of playing or having fun while vaping, then choosing the e-cig liquid with a higher VG composition will be the best choice. Just take note that the price you have to pay is the lack or reduced flavor. Don’t expect vape juices with high VG to give you the fruity or candy-like flavors that many vapers love

On the other hand, if you don’t care much about doing vape tricks and you’re in it for the nice flavor and hit, then the one with a high PG is the option. Those with a higher PG ratio to VG will not produce much vapor but would leave a nice flavor in your mouth. Also, this is the liquid that creates a hit in the throat. So if this sounds good to you, then go for those with a lower VG. 

Know the Nicotine Content 

Remember that nicotine is the byproduct of burning tobacco in cigarettes, which results in the addiction. This means that if you found it hard to quit smoking and you are turning to vape to successfully quit the habit, then go for e-cigs liquid that has low levels of nicotine. This could help you gradually withdraw from your smoking habits. Before you know it, your body has already adapted to a zero-nicotine e-liquid. 

These are just a couple of things that you must remember when you are planning to buy e-cigs liquid. Make sure that you know your preference and that you are also able to pinpoint the right vape juice for you based on the given ratios. Once you know how to select the e-juice, you can be assured of having a great time vaping.

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