What Is The Right Nicotine Strength For You?

Over the years, the number of vapers increased. More and more smokers turned to vape as they became more aware of the dire effects of smoking. What made vaping effective is that it gets rid of the harmful effects of smoking, yet it gives vapers the same relaxing feeling that they get from smoking. E-liquids used by mods contain different levels of nicotine which tend to replicate the effects smokers get from smoking. This is why it is important for vapers to determine the nicotine strength that they are comfortable with so that they can truly enjoy vaping.

 One Quick Reminder

 Before you get to understand the nicotine measurements in E-liquids, you need to know that there is no “set dose.” The effects of the nicotine in vape juice cannot be directly compared to those found in tobacco cigarettes. You cannot exactly quantify the effect of smoking cigarettes with that of vaping as both have different mechanisms. You may not say that one puff of a cigarette will be equal to a single puff on a mod. This is why trying to find the nicotine strength that will work right for you will require trial and error. Below are some ideas that you may want to start with or consider.


Heavy smokers are used to getting high doses of nicotine from tobacco cigarettes. Since this is the case, you may also want to get higher nicotine levels when you buy E-cigs liquid. The recommended dosage for heavy smokers is 12mg/mL. Others would prefer a higher dose of 18mg/mL. The latter works well when you are using cartomizers. While some beginner vapers would immediately buy E-cigs liquid with high-nicotine strength, there are those who would recommend starting out with low-nicotine levels. You can also opt for this such that when you are not satisfied with the effects, you can simply work your way up. Just don’t expect too much like the nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes would always be different from that found in vape juices.

For Moderate or Light Smokers

 According to a study published in NCBI, moderate or light smoking is smoking less than one pack a day. These smokers can consume 11 to 19 cigarettes. Others would consume less. Still, they are smoking around five or fewer cigarettes per day. If you consider yourself belonging to this group, then you can opt for E-liquids that have 6mg/mL nicotine strength. This is also ideal if you would be using an atomizer or a tank device. If you have been consoling yourself with nicotine gum or simply chewing tobacco, then you can also opt for this nicotine strength.

The Way to Quit Smoking

 By choosing the right nicotine strength, you would be able to eventually quit smoking. This will slowly keep you from yearning for a tobacco cigarette. Once you have gotten rid of your dependence on nicotine, and you have not picked up a cigarette for a long time, then you can say that you are already smoke-free. Just make sure that you steer clear of any triggers that might tempt you to reach for another cigarette.

 Your ability to choose the nicotine strength that will be most ideal for you will help you in adjusting to vaping. Eventually, if your original goal of why you started vaping was to quit smoking, you will be able to release yourself from nicotine addiction. There are various nicotine strengths available, which you could choose from. There are E-liquids for heavy smokers, as well as those for light or moderate smokers. Your vaping experience will be a pleasurable one the moment you know the right nicotine strength that will work for you.

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