Your Coffee May Now Be Banned by the FDA

As claimed for years, nicotine and caffeine are the same alkaloid separated by a single hydrogen molecule. Both of these products are indeed not drugs as they do not treat or cure any diseases nor are they therapeutic and as such are not prescribed. Please see the TVECA’s white paper that we submitted to the E.U. when they were considering whether to follow the tact of classifying e-Vapor products as a drug- device combination:

The FDA is now targeting caffeinated products and starting the processes of classifying the supplement as a drug. We have warned for years that overreaching governmental health institutions are the biggest risk faced by the e-Cig/e-Vapor industry as sadly for many former smokers, employees of these once proud institutions are using their tax-payer funded careers to advocate for political positions to pass their agendas that should be left to be decided by voters and their elected representatives. I believe we all recall when Mayor Bloomberg of NYC attempted to ban certain sizes of caffeinated beverages citing health risks associated with these favored consumer products. Fortunately his actions were deterred but the fervor of desiring in controlling products that a certain political ideology finds unfavorable, continues. Please review this piece in the NY Times: .  

Are there risks associated with ingesting copious and unhealthy amounts of any compound? Of course. Should individuals be allowed to determine what those individual levels are rather than limiting their access and personal benefits? Of course.

We fortunately won our battle in 2010 in protecting the legality of e-Vapor products as by making them a legal tobacco product has shielded them from internal governmental activists who were attempting to also claim they were a drug and remove them from the market. Due to this success, 6+ million Americans lives have been greatly benefited in detriment to state and federal governmental agencies that would prefer these millions of Americans rather return to personally using the one product we know will kill them-the tobacco cigarette.

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