Why Do Smokers Prefer NICMAXX to all Other e-Vapor Products on the Market?

First, NICMAXX is a family owned firm-we are not owned by a large corporation. As a company we only do one thing-create products for the full flavored smoker to use daily as their replacement for their beloved full flavored tobacco cigarette brand. To get to this point took lots of time and a great deal of passionate effort. NICMAXX is the culmination of years of development by one of the three founding companies of the e-Vapor industry in 2007. The founders of NICMAXX discovered after a few years on the market that full flavored smokers, who are the tobacco markets most brand loyal customers, were not enamored with our product offerings. Scratching our heads we set out to create a product that would satisfy the demands of the full flavored smoker-but to do this we had to find out what they were looking for. They simply desired a product that would exactly, or very, very closely replicate their beloved brands full flavored experience-including the very important throat and lung hit, flavor profile and nicotine delivery. This simple request it turned out, was not so simple.

To replicate a smokers full tobacco cigarette experience took A LOT of R&D as to do so required not just adding more nicotine to our products ( so many other brands tried that and failed ) as we found doing so created a very poor taste and experience. We had to balance our type and types of glycols used, spices, flavorings and nicotine formulations to recreate the complete experience smokers sought and seek. After many, many months of testing we hit upon our current NICMAXX “The Maxx” formulation which is the basis for our entire line. Since its creation in late 2010 and introduction to the market in 2011, NICMAXX brands has been consistently a top seller in stores that sell our brands. And it is not just a top seller by a close margin but rather we outsell all e-Vapor brands in our configuration by vast margins. So if you are simply looking for an alternative to your full flavored tobacco cigarette and have tried any or many other e-Vapor brands, we are confident that, as we say, once you try NICMAXX you will buy NICMAXX.

Visit our YouTube page, NICMAXX Studios, to learn more about our company and products: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx3MEZIpaqzlngBmhpOXSjQ


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