WebMD Verifies What We Have Always Stated About e-Vapor Products

Since our inception, NICMAXX has stated that we are not claiming that (taking a quote from Dr. Michael Siegel) we are comparing our products to pure mountain spring water but rather we are claiming, scientifically now, that our products are vastly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. That’s all. Nothing more. And now WebMd, in a balanced article (  http://www.webmd.com/smoking-cessation/news/20150218/e-cigarette-ingredients ) makes that same claim. Said WebMd, “Based on what we know now, they (e-vapor products) are much less hazardous than regular cigarettes”. One simple sentence is all the industry has ever claimed. For smokers we offer a very simple and very effective product that is scientifically proven to be VASTLY less harmful for them to transition to from the one product we know kills hundreds of thousands annually-the tobacco cigarette.

It is very tiring for us to constantly have to rebuke journalists and other media sources that portend to, in the public’s interest, write articles in which to make false and unscientifically backed claims that e-Vapor products are “hazardous”, “toxic” or in any sense dangerous to users of this fabulous technology that is now in its eighth year with billions and billions of uses without a single incidence of harm. Just because you find a trace of any chemical, constituent or know toxin when testing any product, it is the LEVEL of the found toxin that then makes the poison, not its mere detection.

In every sense e-Vapor technology offers the first viable option to provide smokers their desired nicotine in a process that includes the needed hand-to-mouth routine of smoking, throat and lung “hit” experience (that NICMAXX products generates at more aggressive levels than a vast majority of current products) and simple convenience they enjoyed when using traditional tobacco products. It is our hope that more media sources will do greater research into the science and experience of e-Vapor products and clients, of which there are millions, before writing disparaging articles, but sadly after eight years, we are not holding our collective breath.

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