TVECA Response to e-Vapor Unit Failure in L.A.

On March 9 a larger e-Vapor tank unit failed in Santa Ana Ca. We were contacted by local news station Fox L.A. to respond. That response is posted here:

In the piece I responded that indeed we have concerns about these increasing larger and more powerful units and their societal value. The electronic cigarette is a marvelous product for smokers to use as their first viable option to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes. As such, there is a danger to our industry when hobbyists modify these units from their original manufactured specifications to produce copious amounts of e-Vapor that require greater amounts of energy than is sensible. Any battery that is rechargeable will have the capacity to fail and when they do so the media will report and give us unneeded scrutiny at a time when city, state and even federal governmental bodies are unsure of how to regulate our products and industry.

We strongly suggest that when anyone is considering to purchase an e-vapor product that you verify that the manufacturer has complied with CE and UN standards for battery design. ALL NICMAXX products carry these certifications and due to our batteries low voltage capacity has a very unlikely chance to ever fail as the very large and powerful unit did recently.

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