The Top 5 Vaping Accessories for a Vape Merchandising Expert

WHEN IT COMES to vaping, every user has his own fashion and preferences depending on his lifestyle, age, sexual orientation and even profession. In an email interview with a vape merchandising manager, he shared his top five must-have accessories for vaping.

Lacey Krusmark, Merchandising Manager and Product Expert for Vape Wild has been vaping for over 5 years. Being an e-cigarette user for half a decade, he has come to realize what the 5 most important vape accessories every vape user must have for an easier and a more convenient vaping session.

Here are Krusmark’s top 5 favorite and most useful vaping accessories:

  1. External Battery Charger

While many vape devices have internal battery charging system, their charging duration takes longer and they don’t always charge the batteries evenly reducing its life. An External battery charger gives vapers the chance to pop out a set of batteries and pop another back in without any downtime.

  1. Chubby Gorilla Bottles

They are typically easier to use than the ones your e-liquid comes in. They also come in a variety of sizes to meet your daily e-liquid consumption. Chubby Gorilla Bottles also comes in handy when mixing 2 different e-juices or creating DIY e-liquids.

  1. Vape Band

This is a little silicone band that goes around your tank to protect it from breaking. They come in many different colors, thus adding some personality to your set-up while protecting your tank from cracks when an unfortunate fall happens.

  1. Battery Case

Battery safety is extremely important. If a battery is loose, they have the potential to make an unintended connection with keys, coins or anything else that’s rolling around in your purse or pocket. This can be very hazardous. This is why battery cases are very important as they keep batteries safe.

  1. Drip Tips

These are the little mouthpieces at the tip of your vape. They add personality to your vape set-up. Having a few extra is always useful in case one gets lost or simply for a change of mod style for the day. They also come in handy for hygienic purposes, especially when you need to share your vape with others.

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