Three Famous Male Celebrities Who Smoke E-cigs

WITH THE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES being almost risk-free (as opposed to its tobacco counterpart) it has risen to fame in no time, penetrating the global market in a rapid trend. In fact, even celebrities are also into e-smoking. There are even some famous male celebrities spotted with an e-cig starter kit in public, vaping to their heart’s delight.

Here are some of the famous male celebrities who enjoy vaping:

  1. Robert Pattinson

Whoever does not know this famous actor lives in a rock. The Twilight heartthrob has indeed captured the hearts of thousands of hopeless romantics in his vampire role characterized by a breathtaking kind of handsomeness and with a perfect-to-goodness kind of love he has for Bella, his love team in the movie played by Kirsten Stewart, his ex-girlfriend.

During the 2012 annual awards in Hollywood, Pattinson was spotted vaping on a now popularized e-cigarette prior to coming out of the backstage and into the limelight. He was also spotted puffing again after the show. With looks on his face, he seemed anxious to present Uma Thurman’s (his Bel Ami co-star) award. He even offered Thurman a puff of his e-cig. Fast forward to the present, Pattinson continues to vape in his favorite e-cig starter kit.    

      2. Johnny Depp

An actor, musician and a producer, all at the same time, whoever claimed to have unheard of this talented guy surely has been left behind times. This famous hottie rocked the entertainment industry with his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Kentucky-born actor was seen puffing on an e-cigarette in the set of “The Tourist” where he starred as the spy in the movie.

      3. Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the most famous male celebrities of all time, Di Caprio co-starred with Kate Winslet in the award-winning movie, “Titanic” in the late nineties. The LA-born actor and film producer is fond of e-cigarette smoking and considers vaping very personal as he doesn’t share his mod with anybody. He incorporates e-cig smoking in his life regardless of the event and situation, be it checking on his properties, riding his bicycle and even attending a party or an awards night.


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