The Question of e-Vapor Product Safety is Now Put to Rest

In a study published in the “Journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology” ( ) AGAIN confirms what the e-Vapor industry and 45 other scientifically peer reviewed studies have confirmed: that e-Vapor products absolutely, without further debate, vastly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. According to the report “The deliveries of HPHCs tested for these e-cigarette products were similar to the study air blanks rather than to deliveries from conventional cigarettes; no significant contribution of cigarette smoke HPHCs from any of the compound classes tested was found for the e-cigarettes. Thus, the results of this study support previous researchers’ discussion of e-cigarette products’ potential for reduced exposure compared to cigarette smoke.” 

The study reported that the e-Vapor products were similar to air than to tobacco cigarettes. Air. 

Other scientific conclusions from the study were:

  • The e-cigarettes contained and delivered mostly glycerin and/or PG and water.
  • Aerosol nicotine content was 85% lower than the cigarette smoke nicotine.
  • Mainstream cigarette smoke HPHCs (∼3000 μg/puff) were 1500 times higher than e-cigarette HPHCs.
  • No significant contribution of tested HPHC classes was found for the e-cigarettes.”

Whenever you talk to any entity who questions the safety and efficacy of e-Vapor products, question whether they have done any review of the totality of completed science as if they have and come to any conclusion other than e-Vapor products are a safe and very logical transitional product for smokers-question their agenda and motive as it is not in smokers or society’s best interest.

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