Why You Should Stop Trying to Fit In


IF YOU CAN’T BEAT THEM, join them.

True to this, whenever something’s trending, we always want to get in on the action.

When vaping started to mark its popularity in the public, people suddenly rushed to vape stores to buy their own e-cig starter kits. When #challenges started going viral in social media, many started doing it too (no matter how silly or dangerous the act was).

When the whole world was clamoring over international events, we all wanna be a part of it, too!

So, what is the point? Why do we constantly feel the need to fit in, join the bandwagon or get in on the trend?

In Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, love and belongingness are one of the basic needs people tend to satisfy. That no matter how many times our parents would tell us that being unique is okay, we would always tend to gravitate towards decisions and actions that would make us blend with society rather than stand out. Whenever we engage in trends, or as they say “go with the flow,” we get this assurance of being with the crown, that we are a part of society, that we ‘belong.’

That’s the problem here. People often associate fitting in with belongingness.

There’s this notion, if you want to get along, you have to go along. People who commit themselves to that belief are doomed to compromise their identity and embrace conformity.

What we have to address here is blindly doing what everybody else does for the sole purpose of being accepted by friends and peers is not the way.

Working on yourself to become a worthwhile person and embracing authenticity would allow people to accept you and even admire you.

When people accept you for your authenticity, that is when you achieve genuine belongingness.

So the next time you do something, don’t do it to just fit in. After all, fitting in is already a bit overrated.

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