Shameful Educational Institutions Dis-Informing and Harming Students

There is no justification for this shameful headline: “Schools handing out harsh punishments for e-cigarette use” ( ) . Harsh punishment for having an e-Vapor product?  Do not kids have enough to worry about besides having irresponsible activist educational personnel harshly punishing kids for possessing a product that is not legal for a minor to own anyway but by doing so gives the false determination that e-Vapor products are more harmful than tobacco cigarettes. This article’s author makes the statement that “Some 16 percent of 10th-graders had tried an e-cigarette in the past month, and 17 percent of high school seniors”  And?? By making the statement the authors conclusion must be that these kids then became tobacco cigarette smokers-a product that is scientifically proven to be thousands of times more harmful than a e-Vapor product. When reading further, the author concluded “However, the survey didn’t ask about repeat use, or whether teens were just experimenting with something new.”  Didn’t ask? Kinda an important question. Also the author chose to make this senseless statement “But health and public policy experts can’t say for certain whether the electronic devices are a good thing or a bad thing overall”. They can’t? The whole premise of the article is that schools are punishing students more harshly for possessing e-Vapor products so then if these health and public officials claim they don’t know if e-Vapor is harmful or not WHY ARE THEY MAKING THE PUNISHMENT FOR E-VAPOR PRODUCTS HARSHER THAN TOBACCO PRODUCTS!!

The completed science screams YES! YES!! YES!!! e-Vapor products are VASTLY less harmful than tobacco cigarettes.  Why not ask “public health and public policy” experts if there has been any study done on e-Vapor products after they tell you that they have no idea about e-Vapors harms or efficacy…surely as a professional journalist that has to be your immediate next question. No? And again, if they have no idea if e-Vapor products are more or less harmful than tobacco cigarettes-why are schools making the punishment harsher??

With over 45 scientific studies completed on e-Vapor products including completed science done by the FDA, Johns Hopkins and the New England Journal of Medicine NO STUDY HAS EVER found any constituent at any level harmful to humans. Every completed study’s conclusion is that e-Vapor products are VASTLY  less harmful than predicate tobacco cigarettes-YOU CAN SCIENTIFICALLY STATE THAT E-VAPOR PRODUCTS ARE A GOOD THING, A GREAT THING, AN AMAZING THING! There are now over 6 million Americans using e-Vapor products and after billions, and billions and billions of uses OVER 7+ YEARS there has NEVER been a single person harmed by these products when used as intended.

It is time for journalists to get off their agendaed rears and start reviewing ALL science and the experiences of the MILLIONS of Americans that are using and have used e-vapor products for YEARS and use them EVERY DAY -ALL DAY before making false and very ignorant statements about e-Vapor products being a “good or bad thing”.


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