NICMAXX Territory Manager Gale Jackson Explains Her Market

Gale Jackson has been with NICMAXX since the inception of the company-which also means she is one of the first e-Vapor salespersons in this market as NICMAXX is a founding brand of the e-Vapor industry. In that time she has seen the evolution of the technology along with the evolution of the consumer demands. She recently wrote to us explaining about how in her market her clients are embracing new products and flavors along with clients that have tried varying e-Liquid types and flavors and returned to NICMAXX. She wrote in regard to her clients trying varied e-Liquid flavors ” From my conversations with full flavored serious smoking customers, primarily they use simple flavors to augment their regular tobacco flavors.  They aren’t interested in all of the oddities.  That’s why I always suggest (NICMAXX Flavor) CLASSIC MILD SMOOTH to new customers as an alternative to the tobacco flavors all day so they won’t tire of them so quickly. Conversely, there are e-liquid customers tiring of the many  flavors and returning to NICMAXX.  I’ve had them tell me that NICMAXX feels more like a cigarette than the tanks. ” She also commented about one of her stores mangers and her experience with NICMAXX. Her manager stated ” one of the reasons customers like NICMAXX is because they feel and look more like a cigarette.”

Gale has done a tremendous job in her market by taking her time to hold e-Vapor demonstrations in her locations to educate the stores clients and store staff about e-Vapor products and their benefits and differences. It is this consulting rather than selling process that has made Gale one of NICMAXX’s top representatives but more importantly, she has provided for many, many clients in her territory a product to help them transition away from tobacco products and into the wonderful world of Vaping. Kudos Gale!

NICMAXX Products have been developed for a niche client and that niche happens to be almost half of the tobacco market-the full flavored smoker.

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