The Nicmaxx Vaping Starter Kits at a Glance


“YOU NEED to stop smoking. Don’t you know what smoking does to the body? Why don’t you just quit?” Sounds familiar? If you are a smoker, your ears may have gone immune to these reprimands.

While you may have heard these a million times, you know pretty well these are the advice of people who care about you the most. It is neither being ignorant about the dangers of smoking nor you care less about your health, but simply because, quitting is harder than you think it is.

Nevertheless, alternatives are available to those who never lose hope. Nicmaxx offers the best e-cig starter kit online, and among its pride is the Nicmaxx starter vape kit, created to help smokers get into vaping (a less harmful alternative). In fact, on their website, you’d see their product’s tagline, “Made for Smokers, By Smokers.”

There are four different types of flavors you can choose from: The Maxx, Maxx menthol, Classic Mild or Smooth. Each costs $20, reasonably priced, of course.

Wanna have something closest to a conventional cigarette? The Maxx will do the trick with its strong tobacco flavor.

What’s good about Nicmaxx’ e-cigs? The flavor, and sensation it gives can come at par with the traditional cigarette minus the undesirable factors, like the smoke and awful smell.

Each kit also comes with a solid state battery, a USB charger, and a few cartridges.

The Nicmaxx E-cig unit is fairly straightforward in its appearance with its length and thickness exactly similar to a writing pen. One end serves as the mouthpiece while the other serves as the LED light. Unlike other e-cig models with a curved waist and a narrowed down mouthpiece, the Nicmaxx e-cig is a straight cylinder. The color generally comes in black, so no worries of it getting stained or dirtied.

The model has a battery life of 9 to 10 hours while charging takes at least 2 hours. Not bad at all, as it lets you use the device five times longer than the charging time.

However, this may be a downside for the frequent vapers who typically vape every hour. In that case, you can purchase an additional battery at Nicmaxx online store for $11.

The Nicmaxx starter kit is the closest you’d get to a real cigarette. It’s simple to operate, easy to carry and move around. As long as you have the battery properly charged, you are sure to enjoy the Nicmaxx e-cig whenever and wherever you need to.

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