NICMAXX Reply to Journalists Reporting Teen Use of e-Vapor Products

For the last couple of years, news and media entities have grasped onto the notion that teens are increasingly using e-Vapor products to the horror of many. One has to wonder what the point is of any journalist to site this in a headline then continue with an actual article to then draw unscientific conclusions of e-vapor products unknown dangers-which now in 2015 are nil. I assume the purpose of a journalist writing the article is to warn the public of this as a danger and presuppose their underlying desires that than that e-Vapor products sales should be should banned as they also assume they must be a “gateway” product to kids using tobacco cigarettes. That is the only conclusion I can draw as e-Vapor products are regulated as tobacco products and as such cannot be sold to minors. I have had the opportunity to reply to these claims many times and here is the typical reply:

Here briefly are the industry’s replies to these sensationalistic claims:

a) e-Vapor products are regulated as tobacco products so their sale and marketing to minors is prohibited

b) The availability of e-Vapor products has grown exponentially in the last 3 years so any individual has greater access to this fabulous technology that now 6 million Americans are using to transition away from the one product, tobacco cigarettes, we know kills over 450,000 of our citizens annually

c) There are no studies that have shown any evidence that e-Vapor products use then lead to tobacco cigarette use-a fact journalists just will not report. Please review:

We hope that now in our eighth year on the domestic market, journalists will begin to report on how effective e-Vapor products are as the first technology smokers have embraced to transition away from tobacco cigarettes-I just will not hold my breath.

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