NICMAXX Replies to Hawaiian Tribune’s Reporting That e-Vapor Products are a Health Threat

Our reply to:
We at NICMAXX have been fighting this battle since 2007. Sadly, across the country there are legislative activists that portend to be legislating in the public’s best interests by not reviewing the totality of science available on the e-Vapor industry and slandering our social utility and strides made to produce products that smokers are choosing over the one product, tobacco cigarettes, we know kills over 450,000 Americans annually. With over 6 million Americans now using e-Vapor products daily and after now 7 years on the market, there has not been found a single Vaper harmed by an e-Vapor product when used as intended. Even the DC Court of Appeals on December 10, 2010 noted in the landmark litigation brought by the industry in reference to the FDA and e-cig dangers noted “Regarding harm to third parties and the public interest, the district court observed that the FDA had cited no evidence to show that electronic cigarettes harmed anyone” That was four years ago and still there has been no claim that any e-vapor product has harmed anyone.

Please review our reply to California’s very scientifically deficient slander:…

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