NICMAXX Position on the Taxation of e-Vapor Products

On a daily basis now I am seeing more states looking to tax, at some level, e-Vapor products and increase taxes on tobacco cigarettes. The axiom of “the only two certainties are death and taxes” rings true for smokers and it seems that smokers take the brunt of legislators ire. e-Vapor products, and specifically NICMAXX, were invented for the purposes of providing for smokers a vastly less harmful option to the lighting on fire and smoking/inhaling tobacco smoke which we all know is incredibly hazardous to ones health.  We are now in our 8th year on the domestic market and e-Vapor products societal value have proven to be incredible. Over 6 million Americans have transitioned to this now scientifically verified as vastly less harmful than tobacco cigarette product. As such, legislative bodies should celebrate this achievement and choose NOT to tax at any level any e-Vapor products as we are doing great works for Americans in providing the first viable option ever to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes-the one product we know kills over 450,000 Americans annually. There have been billions and billions of uses of all types of e-Vapor products and in not a single instance has any person been harmed when these products are used as intended. In fact, if you go here, you will see just a few testimonials of e-Vapor users. There are MILLIONS of stories like those posted and we here at NICMAXX can share thousands of client testimonials where smokers have transitioned to our products and away from their chosen tobacco cigarette brand. It is our position that smokers should switch their brand, not their habit.

Consequently it is our position that e-Vapor products should be taxed at no level as their monetary value alone in providing society a phenomenal, viable harm reduction product is great and very calculable and by levying taxes on the backs of vapers is inverse to any legislators sworn duty to serve their constituents.

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