NICMAXX Client Sees the Light

NICMAXX Representative Vince Harper tells me the story today of how over the weekend a two year NICMAXX client went to Bash Osmani’s Orange County Ca. tobacco store on Sunday to purchase more NICMAXX cartridges and found the store closed. He was in need of his nicotine and found a local 7-Eleven and purchased for $40 a new-to-market national tobacco company competitor e-Vapor brand. He flew home and opened the kit and his words as he told to Bash were “hated, just hated their product!”. He told this to Bash right when he opened his store Monday morning as his first customer and purchased more NICMAXX cartridges.

We are hearing these stories pretty commonly now of how customers are redeeming their free coupons from the major tobacco company’s new e-Vapor products and after their test of product try and prefer NICMAXX.

Reply to this with your stories of how e-Vapor clients are trying national brands and preferring NICMAXX quite consistently.

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