What Makes the Best E-Cigarette to Quit Smoking?

There are several ways to quit smoking these days. There is the Cold turkey method where the quitter gets no outside help whatsoever. There are also available therapies such as Nicotine replacement therapy and behavioral therapy. There are also Medications given like varenicline and Bupropion which are prescription medicines that help the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Then, of course, there are e-cigarettes which many people believe is a method that makes it easier to give up the habit of tobacco smoking. And lastly, a mixture or combo of all these methods.

While a good number have succeeded from them, already a lot of people have reportedly tried all methods available but still failed. Experts say because smoking affects the whole body and is addictive, it is not enough that one has the correct mindset, will and determination to quit. More than all these, they also have to pair it with the right method.

Of all the methods mentioned above, studies show that while cold turkey has the lowest chances of success, it is nicotine replacement and e-cigarette smoking that so far has the best record of victory. As such, we will focus on e-cig smoking in this article and lay down what makes the best e-cigarette to quit smoking.


  1. The best e-cig feels and tastes like the real thing – it is best for starters to look for e-cigs that are shaped like tobacco and cigars. Somehow, these e-cigs get to trick your psyche that you’re smoking the real thing even when you’re not. To achieve a fuller and more perfect effect, get e-cigs that are flavored tobacco, menthol, or lights. Don’t explore fruity and unique flavors yet until you’re really ready as this might prove to be counterproductive if you start missing the old thing right away on your first try.


  1. The best e-cig is customizable – find an e-cig whose nicotine content, flavor and strength can be customized to your specific liking. This way, you don’t get too upset in investing in something that you didn’t like. If you get a customizable one, you get to adjust everything to your preference, and that will make it more enjoyable.


  1. The best e-cig is not necessarily expensive – in fact, it is the biggest myth out there in the vaping world; that the more expensive your e-cig is, the better. This is wrong especially for beginners because beginners are prone to failing and not getting it right the first time. As such, asking them to buy an expensive one immediately would simply be another reason to go back to the old habit which is way cheaper and more enjoyable. It is better to get a cheap one that does the same job so that the beginner wouldn’t be so discouraged to try other kits until he finds the one he really likes.

That’s it for now. Hope this helps you on your journey to quitting!

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